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  1. The most Important step to take right now

    March 17, 2021 by stephenshubert

    The future of the islands will be decided by a “build-out Analysis” or what is the carrying capacity of the …
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  2. Legislation of Significance – State of Washington

    March 10, 2021 by stephenshubert

    David Turnoy sits on a legislative review committee of the 40th legislative District, of which San Juan County is a …
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  3. Sadly, history will repeat if we fail to organize and act

    February 19, 2021 by stephenshubert

    This video speaks for itself. Who do you speak for?

  4. What is the future of the San Juan’s?

    February 16, 2021 by stephenshubert

    Longtime islander Joe Symons  has been trying for almost 30 years to get the county to study the carrying capacity …
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  5. Middle America: How We Got Here

    February 15, 2021 by stephenshubert

    The two important points are:     1. Democrats must not look to meet in the middle between people who want …
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  6. Our Country is at risk. Time to Act. The struggle is the same as in the past, much more dire now.

    February 10, 2021 by stephenshubert

    tRump emboldened the dispossessed, rootless and dissatisfied who have taken nihilistic white supremacy, misogyny and fascist fantasies as their solution …
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  7. What do we need to fix to make our democracy work better?

    February 10, 2021 by stephenshubert

     It is called SECOND-RATE DEMOCRACY: Seventeen Ways America is less Democratic than Other Major Western Countries and How We Can Do …
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  8. Don’t Let History Repeat – Stop Sedition!

    February 6, 2021 by stephenshubert

    Little known civil war history and the disastrous outcomes from the failure to prosecute traitors, murderers and white supremacists. We …
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  9. In the age of coronavirus, our nation needs a responsible leader who trusts scientists

    February 3, 2021 by stephenshubert

    March 5, 2020 at 3:26 pm Updated March 5, 2020 at 6:30 pmRollout of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and …
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  10. A personal Story of Insurrection and violence – Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

    February 2, 2021 by stephenshubert

    Content warning: This email contains details regarding abuse, violence, and sexual assault. Monday night, I hopped on IG live to …
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