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  1. Invitation to Presentation August 8 by Presidential Scholar Prof. David Kenne

    July 31, 2019 by stephenshubert

    The San Juan County Democrats invite you to a timely presentation entitled “A Republic, if you can keep it”, (a …
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  2. First they came for Chucho, an undocumented immigrant from Acapulco, Mexico …

    July 25, 2019 by epoetus

        Please contribute to Chucho’s GoFundMe page: The legal fees required to successfully appeal a deportation can easily …
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  3. What does political success look like?

    July 20, 2019 by epoetus

        In the political topsy turvey world we live in, a world where Fox News carries as much credibility …
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  4. Voter Registration Check-In – Island Events and a reminder film

    July 18, 2019 by stephenshubert

    The new state system has been implemented. Make sure your current registration is in the system,…If you do not receive …
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  5. A brief history of US Latin America policy, its relevance for today, and analysis of what is going on now

    July 16, 2019 by epoetus

        Putting aside whether or not there really is a spike of migrants from Latin America, as a previous …
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  6. The Right Wing strikes back

    July 4, 2019 by stephenshubert

    There are paid and unpaid volunteers seeking to undo the efforts of the legislature to correct the imbalances in the …
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  7. Let’s have a discussion: How did the first round of 2020 Democratic Presidential Debates go?


    June 29, 2019 by epoetus

    Given how far away the primaries are it is interesting to consider what to expect from this first round of …
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  8. June 23, 2019 by stephenshubert

    Is the DNC Missing the Boat on Climate Change? BY WENDY BECKTOLD | JUN 19 2019 That climate change is real and requires …
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  9. Does the President want a war so that he can win re-election? Or does he just like being a mean-spirited bully?

    June 19, 2019 by epoetus

    Today it is Iran, yesterday it was Venezuela, Mexico, China, and North Korea, and who knows what tomorrow will bring. …
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  10. Compassion, Humanity, Opportunity, Inclusiveness, Change and Equality (CHOICE) defines the path to the “Hearts and Minds” of Democratic voters in 2020


    June 6, 2019 by epoetus

    What is the Democratic party strategy for winning in 2020? Has the DNC learned from its mistakes in 2016? What …
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