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  1. San Juan County Democrats: Vote Yes to Approve I-1000/R-88 and No on I-976


    October 16, 2019 by epoetus

    On the November 5 ballot, which you will receive the week of Oct. 14, the San Juan  County Democrats’ Recommendations …
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  2. What is happening in the Safety Net?Health Care – Lies exposed – Social Security – True facts about the status of the trust funds.

    January 9, 2019 by stephenshubert

    That’s $5.2 trillion that America can save by creating a Medicare system by which every American has medical coverage. Check …
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  3. Endorsements Continue to Pile Up for Bill Watson

    October 22, 2016 by David Dehlendorf

    Another strong endorsement of Bill Watson, candidate on the November 8 ballot for San Juan County Council from the San …
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  4. Restoring Prosperity Through Incremental Reforms

    September 28, 2016 by David Dehlendorf

    Fareed Zakaria asserts that demography, globalization, automation and increasing debt burdens are powerful forces in the rise of a new …
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  5. Letter to Editor from Mike Buettell


    September 24, 2016 by David Dehlendorf

    As local independent voter and star county fair zucchini racer sees it, Trump is not Hillary’s only worst nightmare. Letter …
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  6. Movie Review “Southside with You”

    September 21, 2016 by David Dehlendorf

    Review of Movie “Southside with You” By San Juan Island resident Molly Hogan, September 21, 2016 Recently, I saw “Southside …
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  7. He’s been there, done that, knows best about this nuke thing…


    August 6, 2016 by celinagut

    Another endorsement for Nominee Clinton and this time, it comes from a man who not only worked with her but …
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  8. Letter to Editor by Sadie Bailey


    August 1, 2016 by David Dehlendorf

    Sadie Bailey, a long-time resident of Orcas Island, comments on The Sighted and the Blinkered by Harold Meyerson, columnist for the …
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  9. Movie Review by Molly Hogan

    July 16, 2016 by David Dehlendorf

    It was fun to be in the audience on June 28 for the second installment of the Summer Film Series …
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  10. Retired 99% not worth it to GOP

    July 6, 2016 by ebanderson123

    It’s no surprise that Trump is changing his line about Social Security.  The man has no moral compass, no sense …
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