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  1. There is not enough love and empathy in the Republican party – a Valentine’s message

    February 9, 2020 by epoetus

    By Bert   For the Republicans it is crystal clear that power is everything, and love is not fundamental to …
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  2. Is The Rise Of Vacation Rentals, AirBnB and VRBO Negatively Impacting the Residents of San Juan County, WA?


    August 3, 2019 by epoetus

        It is hard to correlate these changes statistically using the political economic rigor required to make a solid …
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  3. Vote for Bill Watson for County Council


    October 28, 2016 by David Dehlendorf

    The above county press release in the Journal of the San Juans on 1/27/16 discloses the cost to the county, …
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  4. A debtor’s prison by any other name still reeks of the systemic problem of prison for profit

    June 13, 2016 by celinagut

    To be poor, homeless, broken and addicted is hell on earth, but throw in serving time for owing money and …
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  5. Once you realize you are homeless, grief sets in while someone else starts making bank….

    May 26, 2016 by celinagut

    Taking a break from presidential politics for a moment, remembering that there are more important things that politics are supposed …
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