How Many will live in San Juan County – up to 134,000 – How many can the land support? It is now being decided – Act now

May 17, 2021 by stephenshubert


Planning Commission to decide if the county should create a “Truth in Planning” component to the Comp Plan

Please Take Action!

Public Hearing 9am Tuesday 25 May 2021

San Juan County (SJC) Planning Commission to decide on Docket Request 21-0003

Action Items:

What is this about?
Do you know that the legal buildout population for San Juan County is over 134,000 people, NOT counting visitors?
Do you know that the county planning department rejects this request?

Get the details at

Your Voice is Needed Now

Write to

See Calling instructions at
Tell your story. State your feelings.

Island Stewards

Island Stewards (, a federal 501(c)(3) non profit, accepts tax-deductible donations and provides administrative services in support of small non-profit organizations in the San Juans.

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