Our Country is at risk. Time to Act. The struggle is the same as in the past, much more dire now.

February 10, 2021 by stephenshubert

tRump emboldened the dispossessed, rootless and dissatisfied who have taken nihilistic white supremacy, misogyny and fascist fantasies as their solution to their problems. Do you really need 47 guns and 8,000 rounds of ammunition? Do you really need a 50 caliber sniper rifle, or an AK47 to hunt? …..Only people….are the targets of these weapons. But there is a better future for us than this spirling chaos that is happening right now and that is REALISTICALLY ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS OF THE POOR AND DISADVANTAGED AND CREATE A MEANINGFUL LIFE FOR ALL.

Can we do it? certainly. This country has the resources, knowledge and skills necessary to do it. The solutions to the climate crisis produce the solutions necessary to change the downward spiral of the Nation. Republican traitors tell lies and promote phantasies of empowerment. How much do you think they care about the wellbeing of the fools they have conned into sedition and violence?

We must pressure the Democratic Party to make good on the real promise of American. Your future and the future of our children depends on what we do now.

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