San Juan Democrats Endorse:

October 14, 2020 by stephenshubert

Charter Review Commission

Is a non-partisan body to review and update the county charter every 10 years. We recommend these candidates without regard to party because we belive they are the best choices (you vote for all islands):

District 1: Maureen See, Bill Appell, Parry Garcia, Kyle Davies, Richard Grout, David Dehlendorf, David Meiland, David Anderson, Tom Starr.

District 2: Kevin Ranker, Janet Brownell, Olivia Roseberry, Anne Marie Shanks, Minor Lile, Sharon Abreu.

District 3: Liz Lafferty, Robert O’Connell, Jane Fuller

Ballots due in dropbox or mail by Nov 3. Vote earlier if possible

A vote for a Democratic Candidate is a vote that p;romote Democracy, Justice, Equality, Dignity, Respect, Quality Education, Healthcare, a thriving Economy and Clean Air & water for ALL

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