For All who are willing to help elect Democrats

October 11, 2020 by stephenshubert

News from the Washington State Democratic Party:
Ballots are going out in just a few weeks and we want to urge everyone to commit to vote as soon as they get their ballot! 
We’re hoping to replicate the traditional canvassing effort to get people to sign a commit to vote card digitally, then take ownership over getting their friends and family to also make the commitment to vote.
Republicans are dangerously participating in traditional doorbelling, so it is imperative that we utilize our online resources and engage voters safely. 
Linked here you’ll find a social media toolkit and resources for your organizations, as well as additional resources linked here for any grassroots activists or regular rank-and-file supporters you have who could help us amplify this effort. By no means should you feel restricted to the sample copy in these materials, but please include and the hashtag #CommitToVoteWA on all your posts so we can amplify you!
If you are able to record a short video urging your followers on social media to commit to vote, please flag it for me in this chain once it’s posted. You’ll find message guidance for this video request in the Social Media Toolkit document in the Google Drive.
If you have any issues accessing the Drive, please let me know and I’ll get you those resources directly. I’ve also cc’d our Research Coordinator, Jeff Ferendo, who has been coordinating with those of you who filled out our social media survey last week to distribute graphics with regionally-focused volunteering opportunities with the Coordinated Campaign. Jeff can help answer questions about accessing these resources and if you’d like assistance recruiting volunteers to help get out the vote, you can still fill out that survey!

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