QANON – potential Domestic Terrorist Threat –

September 23, 2020 by stephenshubert

An Email by Will Casey sent to Democratic Party Officials explains this new right wing conspiracy myth. But take care, the proponents are dangerous!

I’m sure many of you are seeing an uptick in news stories about the conspiracy theory known as QAnon. The FBI has labeled QAnon a potential domestic terrorist threat and members of their movement have been linked to numerous acts of violence since its inception in 2017. Because QAnon exists primarily online, their numbers have increased exponentially since the start of Covid-19 lockdowns. 

For those of you who are unaware, the QAnon conspiracy falsely claims that the United States government is controlled by a global cabal of child abusers and cannibals. They also maintain that Donald Trump has been working behind the scenes for years to unearth this cabal and restore America to greatness. At the top of the conspiracy is the mysterious ‘Q’, a supposed high ranking government agent who has access to classified information. ‘Q’ distributes information on a message board site called 8chan and this information is disseminated across social media by their followers.

Due to the nature of their belief system, the QAnon movement is composed of some of  the most fervent and dangerous Trump supporters. For your safety it is necessary for everyone to become familiar with certain words and phrases that may indicate someone’s involvement in the QAnon movement. 

It is very important to note that many of these indicators are purposefully misleading. As a result it is important to flag suspicious accounts, but not attempt to out them publicly. To do so would only further muddy the waters and could endanger your personal safety as they attempt to “doxx” you in retaliation by posting your private personal information online. 

Here are some common QAnon terms and phrases to look out for: 

Cue- Another way to say ‘Q’ that is being used by the movement to hide from content moderators.  

Drop — posting made by Q on 8chan

The Great Awakening — the belief that Robert Mueller would work with Trump and bring down the cabal that was fighting Trump.

Magnifying Glass Emoji (Twitter)– the emoji is shaped like a ‘Q” and is used to dodge content moderators

Pedo-gate — an extension of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory. This resulted in an armed man attempting to rescue children from Comet Pizza in DC armed with an assault rifle. He was quickly apprehended.

Q+ — shorthand for Donald Trump.

Q – The person or group at the top of the movement.

Red pill/Red Pilling — exposing non-believers to QAnon

#Savethechildren- This has been getting more traction lately. Many Q believers ally themselves with groups opposed to child sex trafficking in an attempt to lure those who are unaware of the conspiracy into viewing materials that promote the theory.   

The Storm — This is the movement’s “judgment” day. The enemies of Donald Trump will all be rounded up by the U.S. military and either thrown in jail or executed. 

#WWG1WGA — an abbreviation for “Where we go one, we go all”. This is a dead giveaway that the poster is an adherent to QAnon. 

Recently Facebook and Twitter have begun to crack down on groups and accounts that promote the QAnon conspiracy. A concentrated rebranding effort is now taking place within the movement in order to dodge content moderators. Some of them have renamed themselves as capital P ‘Patriot’ groups and some of their militias have rebranded as religious groups. (Holy Warriors, Crusaders, etc.). As some of these militias are now taking dangerous action in the real world instead of just posturing on the internet, this threat should be taken extremely seriously.
If you see anyone using any of these terms or phrases on your social media channels, ban them immediately and let us know. If you see any Republican candidates in your areas using these terms or phrases, immediately screenshot their posts and email them to me with a link to where they were originally posted.  

Not the cheeriest information to head into your weekend with, but we want you to be aware and stay safe in this new world of digital campaigning. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.
In solidarity,Will 

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