Everyone must fight climate change and the Destroyers who want money, not planetary well-being

September 15, 2020 by stephenshubert

Climate Scientist to Activist – knowing is not enough  With attacks by the tRump administration to eliminate the EPA, clean water, clean air, more and more people are recognizing that the Climate Emergency is much more than atmospheric chemistry and planetary reversion to 800,000 years ago (hot, very hot, no ice, no humans either) it is profoundly about politics.  What our leaders do matters. Who we elect matter. If we act together, with persistence and determination, as we must, then we can change the course we are now on.

The Earth has crossed a scary threshold for the first time in more than 800,000 years, and it could lead to tens of thousands of deaths       The effects on human health due to carbon emissions are clear – more asthma, more heart disease, earlier death – 9 million people a year die from the effects of air pollution..

When President Barack Obama’s EPA ruled in 2009 that CO2 was a pollutant that needed to be regulated under the Clean Air Act, they listed health effects like these as a reason to consider CO2 concentrations dangerous. The Trump administration’s is reevaluating that ruling, but these facts are still listed on an archived Environmental Protection Agency page.

We’re already seeing many of these effects today. Without a rapid transition away from fossil fuels, most experts believe these consequences will become more and more severe. Cutting back on CO2 isn’t enough to stop these effects — at this point, we need to cut them down to zero and ideally figure out ways to remove some CO2 from the atmosphere in the first place.

These are good reasons to do so.

improved air quality and decrease in carbon emissions (how clear the air here has become) demonstrate that getting carbon out of the air improves human health, extends life expectancy, and promotes a sense of well being.  It is temporary – without every single person who cares about the future of our society, our children and the living creatures who inhabit it, actively supporting those politicians who are aware of the dangers of doing nothing, even worse, making it easier to pollute – all will lose what could have been.  Instead, we will face a future filled with catastrophes (self made),


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