Troubled Times are back – How to deal with them is the issue of the day

May 12, 2020 by stephenshubert

Franklin D. Roosevelt spells out for us what Government must do for its people:

“I am going to refer to some of the fundamentals that antedate parties, and antedate republics and empires, fundamentals that are as old as mankind itself. They are fundamentals that have been expressed in philosophies, for I don’t know how many thousands of years, in every part of the world. Today, in our boasted modern civilization, we are facing just exactly the same problem, just exactly the same conflict between two schools of philosophy that they faced in the earliest days of America, and indeed of the world. One of them — one of these old philosophies — is the philosophy of those who would “let things alone.” The other is the philosophy that strives for something new — something that the human race has never attained yet, but something which I believe the human race can and will attain —social justice, through social action…..  From the days of the cave man to the days of the automobile, the philosophy of “letting things alone” has resulted in the jungle law of the survival of the so-called fittest. The philosophy of social action results in the protection of humanity and the fitting of as many human beings as possible into the scheme of surviving.”

It is time, in this election year, one which will decide the fate of the country, if not western civilization to decide what to do.  the destroyers have the upper hand and they seek to fool you, make you apathetic, and indifferent to the fate of our fellow creatures.  They lie, cheat, scheme and will out spend to overwhelm any sense of agency or objections you may have to the unfolding of the 2020 electoral process.

I hope this 88 year old talk from another troubled time will inspire  and motivate you to action… read the whole speach by clicking the link above.

Written by Stephen Shubert


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