Rebalancing the Political System to Rebalance the Economic System to Rebalance the Environment – Part 2

March 3, 2020 by stephenshubert

tRump has pardoned his fellow thieves and cheaters and will do it again.  The rot in our Federal Government threatens to spread to every corner of our society. It seems the greater the crime, the faster the pardon.  Now that he has been acquitted by a complicit, codependent Senate, you can expect him to pardon the rest of his gang.  Want to be ruined by Bully destroyers who know how to sell the BIG LIE?

So, what to do? 

 David Barsamian interviewed Noam Chomsky onMake Whatever Alliances you can”.  Chomsky equates the environmental and other crises we are in as equivalent in destructive  power as nuclear war.  He points out that “Overcoming the environmental crisis is going to have to be done within some form of existing institutions. It doesn’t mean that, on the side, you shouldn’t be trying to change them.”

Movement Voter Project (MVP). This is a project to help local, grassroots community members register people to vote and get them out to vote for Democrats in five swing states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Arizona.  These five states all went to Trump last time around.  The first three have generally gone to the Democratic presidential candidate but were ignored in 2016, so with a little extra effort they should go to the Democrats again this time.  “Movement Voter Project (MVP) raises money to support vetted grassroots organizations (as opposed to specific candidates) in swing states! These are organizations that exist today and will exist after elections, making them a great short-term AND long-term investment.

Vote Forward:  Perhaps you would also like to be a little more involved with some personal participation.  If so, here is the perfect opportunity to affect voting in other states through as little as an hour per week.  Vote Forward and Swing Left have teamed up to promote a letter-writing campaign.  Research shows that personal letters sent to voters who don’t always vote can have a significant impact on the number of voters who turn out to vote, definitely increasing turnout.

San Juan Island has a group that has been doing this for two years already, meeting weekly, and they have produced thousands of letters that are ready to be mailed.  If you are on San Juan Island and would like to get involved, contact Beth Larson at ; she would love to hear from you.  If you are on Orcas and would like to help us start a similar group here on our island, please contact Geri and David at .  Or if you are on Lopez and would like to start a group over there, contact Beth at the above address.  If you have been waiting for an opportunity to really make a difference without having to travel to other states, this is it!

Praise for Elected Officials who are doing an exemplary job with little fanfare:

But, here in the State of Washington, we have responsive and responsible elected officials. For example, a surprise – well informed, active, and  exemplary  – mostly out of sight Washington State Commissioner of Public LandsHilary Franz on wildfires and more on The Overcast.  Listen to her interview and learn amazing facts about the governance of this state and its land management system.  A good candidate for Governor when the time comes.


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