The Corona Virus – News Highlights About A Quickly Developing Urgent Public Health Matter


February 2, 2020 by epoetus

by Bert



NOTE: this post is like many of the ones you’d see on Islanders’ Voice – they are compilations of information that is already available.



What do we know so far as of 3pm PT on 2/1/2020:


• It does not appear to be as severe as SARS or MERS, as demonstrated by the death rate of 2.2%

• It is much more severe than the standard seasonal flu which has a death rate of around 0.05%

• It is spreading faster than SARS and MERS – Currently greater than 11,791 cases reported in China with deaths at greater than 294

• The method used for determining the number of infected people in China may be under counting the total number of people infected – this is an unintentional result

• Due to factors like the incubation period the death rate may also be under calculated – it could be more like 5.6%

• The incubation period appears to be 14 days, and people may be spreading the disease before they have symptoms

• Travelers coming from the ground zero areas in China, like Wuhan and Hubei province, are now facing the potential of 14-day quarantines in their destination countries.


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What should we do to prevent it and prepare for it

• Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with real soap and warm water
• Don’t use the 60% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizers, like Purell, unless it is the only choice
• N95 face masks are not important unless you are around infected people, like health care workers – there does appear to have been a rush to hoard the masks, as many places are out of stock
• Don’t touch your eyes

This is standard flu prevention advice. There will be regular updates in the news every day, as the situation is changing rapidly, and our understanding of this virus is changing every day.





Latest most accurate as of 2/1/2020 2:40pm PT



Update on total cases in China



Calculation used for the number of cases may be under counting the real number



Death rate may be under calculated






Purell and hand sanitizers will not kill the flu virus



face masks






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4 thoughts on “The Corona Virus – News Highlights About A Quickly Developing Urgent Public Health Matter

  1. epoetus says:

    As of 2/1/2020 around midnight: 14,380 infections, 304 deaths. The first death outside of China was reported in the Phillipines.


  2. epoetus says:

    Effective treatment for Coronavirus identified by the Chinese:

    Update on numbers: 25,000 infected, 490 dead, 695 recovered


  3. epoetus says:

    The man who discovered the new corona virus at the end of December, and was punished for telling his former schoolmates about it has died from the corona virus.


  4. epoetus says:

    Pangolins appear to be the species that transmitted Corona virus to humans.

    David Quammen on why this is a pattern, which we need to learn from. Otherwise the next pandemic is inevitable.


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