The GOP Republicans have withdrawn to dreams of a fictional country

January 26, 2020 by epoetus

by Bert



This political party has completely ‘jumped the shark.’ Facts and reality be damned!






This new fictional country in their dreams is so alien to everyone that even the Republicans are having trouble acclimating to it. But acclimate they must.



Their wealthy donors, including Russian oligarchs, and their ambitious ROI goals for sanctioned colonization demand it. And their leader, #3Peached, demands that they follow him in blind faith – or else.



This treasonous transition has been going on for decades in this country. Nixon was a traitor. Reagan was a traitor. George W Bush was a traitor. And now we have #3Peached, the #45IdiOTUS, whose brazen daily acts of treason have put all his predecessors to shame – and the entire party must figure out how to survive it.



The very real fear of heads on pikes and “take her out” makes it clear, to the doubters and those who are *challenged* by these awkward new demands forcing them to think, exactly what is at stake. Call it an incentive to meet the jury tampering demands of this fictional new nation – or is it monarch?



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Here is a list of ten (10) fictional realities they must work with – it is a challenge:


1) It is OK to hold a country like the Ukraine hostage, a country that was on the brink of being defeated by a super power, and force them to officially promote as a State investigation a completely debunked conspiracy theory so that the President can win re-election. The role of the President is to stay in power so that his political party can wipe out his evil political rivals – and the Democrats too.


2) The country is a thing to be exploited and controlled so that it can become an entirely Evangelical, racist and misogynist “Handmaid’s Tale” utopia – it is not about the people and the democracy which serves as the inspiring origin of its existence.



3) They believe that the law is on their side – as long as they can justify the semantic distortions around the words being used – words like ‘quid pro quo’ — well enough that it will hold up in the courts. They pulled off the impossible with the Citizen’s United pretzel logic decision, so why couldn’t they make treason permanently legal?

4) They have their own Republican state media machinery to promote their fictional realities on Fox News. It is the source of truth for all of their devotees.



5) They have the rabid evangelical supremacist fan base firmly behind them. After all, as Ho Chi Minh said, you only need a totally dedicated 10% of the hearts and minds of the people to take over a nation and win a war. Hitler’s storm troopers were such a rabid minority of vigilantes and were able to at least get the holocaust going – they couldn’t win the war.



6) When you have a trial, witnesses and documents are not needed. Guilt is really a matter of faith.



7) The criteria of laws are a matter of faith – God’s will. “What would God do with such a *perfect* call?”



8) Conflate religion and state – separating them may be in the constitution but it’s un-American in this fictional new world.



9) Let’s jump some sharks too while we’re at it. Why have a trial, when we have an election coming up. Let the people decide [and ignore the fact that the impeachment trial is all about rigging the election – again.] The trial is just a desperate attempt by the Democrats to make the President look bad.



10) The House did not try hard enough to get witnesses. Let’s ignore the reality that contesting the obstruction of fighting subpoenas will take years – well past the election – to play out.



Imagine that you are Republican Senator. Can you work within that logic system? Would you want to get out of bed every day and attack your challenges with an ambitious agenda and a compelling purpose? Would you even feel like you had a purpose? But why have the Republicans chosen this route? Why wouldn’t they want to rely on democracy, justice and the understanding and will of the people to drive this country forward? It’s because their agenda is undemocratic. They have watched their influence wane over these many decades from Nixon onwards, and despite all of their unethical efforts to suppress voters and gerrymander, they continue to lose ground. Totalitarianism in a fictional country that doesn’t have Democratic elections and a constitution is the only choice that remains. This is the dangerous reality of a cornered wild animal, and the Democrats need to heed that warning – but they must also wipe them out in the field of a just, civilized non-violent political war that represents the will of the people.



Thankfully 50.7% of the nation wants our President removed from office – and the percentage is heading upwards. Even more Americans want to see a real, legitimate trial – 66% and growing – not some sham trial or political “Clown Show” as the Republicans have indicated they prefer.



While rumors of the death GOP Republican Dominionist Colonizing Traitors have been greatly exaggerated for decades, and their response has been more campaign money, more gerrymandering, more voter purges, more Evangelism, and more incarceration, this impeachment and their responses to it have been a serious blow to them. In 2018 they lost the House. Losing the Senate and the Presidency in 2020 is possible too. Retreating to a fictional world demonstrates panic, insanity and desperation. We may have cornered this wild beast known as the GOP Republican Dominionist Colonizing Traitors, but they have lived to see many other days – we cannot dismiss this as a possibility now.



If we win, we must prevent these monsters from ever forming in any political Party again. “Money in Politics” has had a dramatic and corruptive effect on Corporate Establishment neoliberal Democrats, which is why we have progressives rising in popularity today. The rise of wealth and income inequality produces these undemocratic forces which are a product of people with money investing in candidates who will produce profitable returns for them (e.g. tax cuts for the rich). Such a narrowly focused political agenda is treasonous to the nation, ruins democracy and is counter to the will of the people.





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