Qassim Soleimani was not a terrorist

January 13, 2020 by epoetus

by Bert





Unless you are willing to call someone like the head of the US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) a terrorist, the organization that controls secret special forces units like Seal Team 6, then it is inconsistent to call Qassim Soleimani a terrorist. It is not even worth naming a specific individual in this analogy for fear of causing inadvertent and incorrect accusations. In fact, to bolster this analogy, Noam Chomsky has already accused the United States of terrorism in assassinating Qassim Soleimani. This article intends to ask the question: How are the people of this country going to make reasoned judgements about this assassination when the very politicians involved in seeking justice are incapable of showing respect for the facts and the jury, who are the people of this great nation, that needs the facts? This 1984-esque Russian disinformation campaign is getting very old now – it must stop immediately.



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What has been notable in Qassim Soleimani’s accomplishments:
• He greatly assisted the United States in fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan
• In the mid-1990s he greatly assisted the resistance efforts against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan by most notably providing logistical and financial help to Ahmad Shah Massoud who was assassinated just days before the 9/11 attacks
• He worked with the United States in Syria and Iraq to fight off ISIS/ISIL/Daesh by supporting and building bridges with Shia Muslims
• When he was assassinated Soleimani was heading to meetings to de- escalate the conflict.



On the other side of the equation, Qassim Soleimani also:
• Fought against the United States in Iraq by supporting Shia Muslims in Iraq when the US took over Iraq in the now proven to be illegal and invalid multi-trillion dollar war
• The Quds force, which Soleimani controlled, is allied with Hezbollah and Hamas – terrorist organizations that fight against Israel
• In April 2019, the US State department communicated its intent to declare Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which includes Soleimani and the Quds force, a terrorist organization – self-serving preparations for disinformation and gas lighting maybe?



Therefore it is a legitimate concern that the US has probably engaged in War Crimes by assassinating Soleimani, as the Common Dreams article details. Simply because the US is not consistently on the same side of conflicts and political issues with Iran does not make Soleimani, a loyal military servant of his great nation, a terrorist – that proof remains to be seen. In some cases we could consider him an enemy of the United States, but that is quite different from a legal tie to terrorism.

Now what do we do? For one, we cannot let these Russian style disinformation campaigns win by confounding the factual realities of this situation. There are facts, and there is the truth – the facts and truth are not these unreachable ideological constructs perpetually eluding us. Words matter too. Accusing Soleimani of being a terrorist is irresponsible and stupid. Our politicians are intentionally gaslighting us. The media is not digging deeply enough, might be habitually too lazy and does not seem to care enough about how it labels Soleimani. Heck with all of the different spellings of Qassim, and Soleimani that were presented across the many online articles used for this post, one could argue that nobody even cares about how to correctly spell his name. He is not a terrorist. We may not mourn his loss, but that is different from hating him and falsely or prematurely labelling him, Iran’s entire military, and the Quds force as terrorists.



The facts may require understanding that someone like Soleimani has both actively supported and fought against our interests, but if that is the realistic, mature and rational view of the situation, then that is what we have to work with. Unlike the wackadoodle Evangelical fascist white supremacists who get their marching orders on the latest “stark, black and white messaging that is not at all nuanced” from political leadership and their pastors on Sunday mornings, we can all do a better job to combat this mindless propagandizing by acknowledging that reality requires critical reasoning to understand, and mature nuanced responses to navigate through each day. Our daily lives require it, and so does our approach to democracy, governing, and foreign relations. Maybe it is time to call malarky on this unfettered propagandizing by wackadoodles much more frequently now, if not at every turn.





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