Are we witnessing Republican desperation?

January 5, 2020 by epoetus

by Bert





It appears that US hegemony is waning. This hegemony applies to many situations: world politics and militarization, healthcare, climate change, immigration and even topics like homelessness. Instead of trying to rationalize and socialize messages that are based on well-researched logical and defensible methods, the Republicans have retrenched back to a “faith” oriented purely ideological position. That’s all they have. They cannot yield to reason, because their agenda is undemocratic, extractive of resources and wealth as its goal is to redirect power upwards to the rich, and dangerous. They understand the risks, but seem to believe that the alternative – utilizing reason and embracing democracy – is worse. By contrast the Democrats seem to have realized that change is inevitable – and it is inevitable.




Definition: Leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others.



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The unilateral decision by President Trump to assassinate Iranian General Qassem Suleimani illustrates once more exactly what kind of a world the Republicans desire – a dictatorship. Nobody who should be involved in this decision making process was involved. Not the Gang of 8 in the US Congress. None of the US allies who should have agreed. Not the UN who really needs the power to drive these diplomatic efforts before they turn violent. This is a pattern of behavior, which the Ukraine situation appears to freshly illustrate in technicolor detail. This political theater will lead to no good.

So what do we do about this? For one, we must communicate the level of competence demonstrated by “the other side” at every turn and utilize that when discussing matters in a truly fair and balanced manner. Certainly truth sandwiches are in order as a communication technique, but with respect to this assassination of an Iranian General in the context of an agenda that started with undoing the Nuclear agreement signed by many European countries, President Obama but not the US congress, we need to denounce what has been going on. Lending anything credible to what Trump has done here invites more of this dangerous political theater. The context we need to highlight is that we have a President who has been impeached, and is about to go through the formal process of removal, and rather than demonstrate any kind of humility or acceptance that he made a mistake, we have observed a “doubling down” of the political theater. He believes that starting a war is the ticket to re-election. This insanity must be stopped, and it cannot be stopped soon enough.





Boris Johnson’s reaction to the Suleimani assassination.



Gang of 8 in congress not notified





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