Pass SB 5811 So WA Can Access Best EVs

November 16, 2019 by stephenshubert

We had better get with electric cars ASAP – the environmental damage caused by carbon and other green house gases has accelerated – melting ice all over the world – endangering millions of lives.  It seems we can do little to effect the horrid national political situation (but must keep trying), but we can do something to improve the place where we live.

The Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) program is a law enacted in 11 states which requires a minimum percentage of cars sold in a state to be zero-emissions (electric) vehicles. We need to pass SB 5811 to remove the barrier to Washington’s entry into the ZEV program.

Entry into the ZEV program will provide Washington consumers greater selection of plug-in electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, and will help accelerate the transition to cleaner and sustainable transportation.

The program has been proven to increase consumer choice of clean, electric vehicles (EVs), while lowering prices for electric vehicle buyers and electricity ratepayers.

Switching from petroleum to locally-generated electricity and hydrogen to power our cars has the potential to save the citizens of Washington billions of dollars per year in fuel and maintenance costs, and boost our economy by keeping our gas money in the state.

Passing ZEV now is critical given the current federal administration’s attack on clean cars rules. By passing SB 5811, Washington State can show the country that we are in solidarity with those states that are taking climate action.

The following organizations support passage of SB 5811: Coltura, Climate Solutions, Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists, NRDC, Audubon, Consumer Reports, National Clean Car Coalition, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, Front and Centered, 350 Seattle, Stand.Earth, Environment Washington, Carbon Washington, Seattle Electric Vehicle Association, Plug In America, Drive Electric Washington, NW Energy Coalition, Tesla, Washington Democrats Climate Caucus.

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