We Have A White Supremacist Christian Cult Terrorist Problem


September 2, 2019 by epoetus

This is not new, but somehow there is a chronic reluctance to bring well deserved justice to white supremacist Christian cult terrorists. As a counter thought, what if the people who are ravaging the country with mass shootings were not Christian white males? If we must imagine “The Other” for reference, let’s use a well-established peaceful refugee community who would never engage in this kind of behavior – the Montagnards from Vietnam who relocated here after the Vietnam War – as our hypothetical example (see a brief history of the Montagnards “The Mountain People” below). To finish this question, how would this country have responded to “The Other” if they engaged in anything like what the Christian cult white supremacists are doing? Would they be labelled “Terrorists?”



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The History of White Supremacist Christian cult terrorism over the past 40+ years



The Nixon “southern strategy” for the Republican party to gain ground politically enabled white supremacists, and was wildly successful. Behind the scenes the John Birch Society funded by the billionaire Koch brothers enabled white supremacists to promote their ideology as part of the “southern strategy” political movement – there was self-interest in sowing these seeds of hatred.

This all took us to the place where the Ruby Ridge and Branch Davidian Church Waco Texas conflicts occurred – a time that cemented Christian cult white supremacy as a terrorist movement in the United States. This culminated in the bombing of the Murrow Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by White Supremacists.

Separately the “southern strategy” spawned “Mass Incarceration,” “The New Jim Crow” and the War on Drugs as a components of a state sponsored strategy of racist policies that tacitly enabled white supremacy, and disenfranchised large swaths of the African American population by taking away their ability to vote. And if tagging African Americans with the moniker of ‘felon’ through a plea deal or actual jail time did not take away their vote, then gerrymandering districts and instituting “Voter ID” laws kept non-white, non-Christian people away from the polls.



More recent White Supremacist Christian cult terrorism

The GOP Republicans have continued to ride the success of the “southern strategy” by pursuing gerrymandering, controlling where and when to vote, and “Voter ID” restrictions to this day. In fact with a recent Supreme Court decision, gerrymandering is now legal too.






The number of mass shootings has also continued to increase while the prospects of gun control legislation languished. While they were not directly tied to racism until recently, white males have traditionally perpetrated the majority of mass shootings.

In 2009 and 2010 the Tea Party movement, which was the brainchild of the Koch brothers who have continued to try to amplify their impact on our political system, took hold and was able to successfully implement obstructionist policies similar to those which Newt Gingrich was able to deliver for the GOP Republicans in the mid 1990s. This gridlock is now commonplace in our political process, and demonstrates how democracy has been drowned out by skirmishes between the wealthy backers of the two “Money in Politics” parties — how else would we not be able to implement gun control legislation or climate change legislation when a super majority of Americans support them?

Around this time Cliven Bundy and the Bundy family, famously roused the white supremacist Christian cult terrorists from around the West to join him in standing against the Bureau of Land Management – “the government” – who were going to confiscate his cattle as payment for his land use fees. Then there was the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Southeastern Oregon, which resulted in the death of a white supremacist, the arrest of Cliven and Ammon Bundy and the eventual hung jury which allowed them to walk away from this additional terrorist act.

This racist hatred was able to motivate enough voters, where the Democrats were overconfident, to elect a racist, misogynist president in 2016. This has emboldened the white supremacists to increase their attacks, and generally express their racism more openly — racist violence was up over 70% from 2015 until 2017. Also racist violence goes up over 260% in places where Trump has rallies.

This activity is not limited to ‘fringe people’ out of the political process. Nor is it limited to elected officials like WA State Senator Matt Shea who actively supports the white supremacist Christian cult Marble community in Stevens County, Washington, and was recently asked to resign under the pressure from the recent accusations of unethical behavior. This recent news highlight also answers the question:
• What happened to the Idaho White Supremacists? They moved to Stevens County, WA.

We need only to look at Mitch McConnell for proof that these policies, while not talked about in civil society, are deeply incorporated into the essential fabric of the GOP Republicans way. After 40+ years of success why wouldn’t you assume that this politicl support will always be there?



Now the white supremacist Christian cult mass shootings, with their pattern of ideological screeds, has become obvious. They are also emboldened to terrorize people through “Swatting” – calling in the police to raid the house of people who are not like them. This pattern of terrorist behavior which has been well documented for decades, can no longer be ignored.



How do we characterize this? Are the Democrats enabling this too?



From a political strategy standpoint, it is clear that the GOP Republicans have a Machiavellian view of our White Supremacist Christian cult terrorist problem – if more people need to die so that they can win elections to maintain power, that is fine. They also do not care about democracy or representing the will of the people, as their constituents are people like the Koch brothers. The GOP Republican party have shown their addiction to fomenting and harnessing their racist Dominionist rage for political gain.

We actually have a fascist white supremacist Christian cult terrorist problem, which is quite a mouthful to pronounce, because these groups are being used by GOP Republicans political gain. The Democratic strategy must be to directly acknowledge this and undermine this racist “ends justifies the means” political strategy at every turn. Democratic politicians can no longer turn their backs, hand wring or apologize for these racist policies that have gained traction over the past 40+ years. The Democrats must talk honestly to this problem and use it to motivate and draw the voters into the polls to vote Democrat – they cannot leave these ‘dirty secrets’ to fester and breed poverty, despair and domestic terrorism in flyover states that the Democrats have previously written off as losing states. We need to tell the people convincingly that we are not going to use and manipulate them – we know their problems, we are here to help and we are all in this together. Need we bring up the specter of Hitler and his vigilante “Storm Troopers” who drove the world to war, and the concentration camps that exterminated millions of Jews, communists and other “ impure” people to pull us out of that fog? Maybe now is the time to do some marching in the streets and serve a warning notice to motivate Democratic politicians.









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  1. Richard Barker says:

    I was totally unaware that the Idaho white supremacist group had moved to Stevens Co., Wa. I am sure that many thousands of other Washingtonians are also ignorant of this fact. This needs to be publicized and made known to the general public, so that people can put pressure on their police departments and local newspapers to make life as uncomfortable as possible for them, and by exposing them and everything they do to the point where they can’t get away with anything.


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