We Have A Rich White Male Problem


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This problem pre-dates the industrial age, monopolies, trust busting and the end of Slavery. It applies to both flavors of political party. Has the mockery this makes of our democracy now become impossible to hide? With the rise of “The Squad,” that now appears to be the case.




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Our news media reports on important annual gatherings of rich people in places like Davos Switzerland, and Aspen Colorado where people plead their case for mercy, as if the fate of the world rides in the balance of their decisions. In what version of reality does this narrative make sense? Do they represent the democratic process defined by “We The People?” More recently Greta Thunberg has taken to mocking the rich at Davos, and before that the COP24 meeting in Poland by telling them that she knows they won’t do anything, and then warning them that change will happen whether they like it or not.

The rich and their corporations have relentlessly pursued the agenda of globalization and discuss them at length during their Davos meetings, which as we see from trade agreements like CAFTA have been effectively designed to give corporations legal cover and domain over the sovereignty of democratic nations via the Investor State Dispute mechanism. These colonizing trade agreements have produced the suffering which has driven people out of countries like Guatemala and to the United States, because they have no other options. Have “We The People” been fairly informed of the consequences from trade agreements like CAFTA?

And have we consistently heard about the dark flip side to the powerful globalizing rich white Male story – the one that the “Me Too” movement is busily bringing out to the light of day? Or the stories behind “Black Lives Matter?” And stories about the annual Bohemian Club gatherings of rich white men in Northern California? Those stories remind us of an axiom about life: “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Is this systemic silence because rich white men run what we know of as the ‘mainstream media?’ Is it because of the influence of “Money in Politics?” What we have are corporations buying these stories and burying them – ‘catch and kill’ – and we have them downplaying the effects of “White Supremacists” and the public health crisis with guns.

Observing how our President can’t seem to keep out of these scandals, the latest one of which is tied to Jeffrey Epstein who died by suicide, it all fits into that bigger picture. Harvey Weinstein. Now Prince Andrew. And Alexander Acosta, who works for our President and played a role in Jeffrey Epstein’s cover up. Maybe this also explains why Alan Dershowitz appears to have completely lost his mind in the past few years.






This puts the efforts of Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – also known as “The Squad” – into a meaningful, actionable, and hopeful light. They are the future of the Democratic party (see article referenced below), and represent the antidote to the Corporate Establishment neoliberal monopoly on our political system, from the Republican and Democratic parties, that has poisoned our democracy. As with Greta Thunberg, they are taking charge of our political narrative, telling us the truth and pointing the way towards democracy.


Greta Thunberg, Davos, Switzerland

The Squad is the Future of the Democratic Party

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