June 23, 2019 by stephenshubert

Is the DNC Missing the Boat on Climate Change? BY WENDY BECKTOLD | JUN 19 2019

That climate change is real and requires our urgent, sustained attention is something almost all Democrats agree on. So leave it to the Democratic National Committee to turn it into a source of party infighting.  click the link  above to read the full story..

It’s not too late to stem climate change. But we have no more time to waste.

Meara Sharma writes about culture and the environment.

There’s a Hasidic story I often think of in relation to climate change. It describes how, in the world to come, “everything will be as it is now, just a little different.” It’s tempting to take comfort in the idea that although things are a little different — fires burning harder, floods reaching deeper, seasons bleeding over — they are also, mostly, the same. In the grand scheme of life, incremental variations seem to dissolve into the norm.

The problem is, as author and environmentalist Bill McKibben wrote 30 years ago, this is a grand delusion. click the link  above to read the review..

The Daily 202: The Koch network is reorganizing under a new name and with new priorities

A curious juxtaposition, I know,  but times are dangerous, even for them…What are they thinking now?  And how does this impact the DNC? click the link  above to read the full story..

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