Does the President want a war so that he can win re-election? Or does he just like being a mean-spirited bully?

June 19, 2019 by epoetus

Today it is Iran, yesterday it was Venezuela, Mexico, China, and North Korea, and who knows what tomorrow will bring.




To put this into context it is worth going over some history:

  • The government of Iran was overthrown by the United States and the United Kingdom in 1953
  • In 1957 the United States helped the Shah of Iran start a nuclear program, which was designed to produce nuclear weapons
  • In 1979 the Shah of Iran was overthrown by the Iranian Revolution and was replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini
  • In 1980 the Iran Hostage crisis happened, which contributed to President Carter not being re-elected because candidate Reagan negotiated an agreement with Iran that resulted in the Iran-Contra scandal
  • From the mid-1990’s onwards US policy has been directed at sanctioning Iran so that it would end its nuclear program
  • This fear of Iran creating a nuclear bomb escalated under the Bush Administration in the mid-2000’s – after the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Ultimately President Obama was able to negotiate a settlement with Iran that solidified its commitment to not building a nuclear bomb in 2015. It was never approved or rejected by congress, however
  • This agreement was working and the IAEA and the Trump Administration certified that the agreement had ended the Iran Nuclear Program



Since then President Trump has actively undone the work of the Obama Administration, and Iran has begun to restart its nuclear program. By reinstating the sanctions which were lifted by the Nuclear agreement, Trump is using the same tactics that he is employing against Venezuela – creating a siege-like humanitarian crisis that will force Iran into yielding to Trump’s will. He has effectively escalated the conflict towards war. In addition he has moved troops, bombers, Patriot missiles and more recently announced the moving of 1,000 additional troops into the area – all of this was supposed to scare Iran into backing down. But it didn’t:
“The irony is that the US maximum pressure strategy was supposed to temper Iranian behavior,” he [Ali Vaez, director of the Iran Project at the Crisis Group think-tank] said. “In practice, however, it has clearly backfired.” In fact Iran appears to have retaliated by using limpet mines on oil tankers going through the Straights of Hormuz.

In light of the fact that Obama’s agreement actually resulted in the end of Iran’s nuclear program, President Trump’s actions are very destructive and has moved the world and the United States down a more dangerous path than it has been for many years. Does his argument that Iran hasn’t halted its terrorism program and has intensified its research into ballistic missiles justify eliminating the most critical negotiation success with Iran in many decades? Is Trump doing this just because Obama was able to negotiate this deal, and he wants to undo it along with everything else that Obama did during his Presidency (e.g. Obamacare)? For what it’s worth, Iran is very used to having sanctions imposed on it as it survived decades of withering sanctions imposed by the United States and the world, as has countries like Cuba, so it is hard to imagine that re-imposing them and escalating tensions with an increase in military force would somehow instill the expected fear that you’d need to have them cave under pressure – unless you are an idiot. In light of his ongoing twitter rants, which are infused with the level of lying that only someone who possesses the contempt that his audience are a bunch of blithering idiots possesses, I think that we all know that our President is in fact an idiot – an idiot who actively endangers his people and his country for his own personal gain.  Separately, it is a sad statement that the media continues to pass on these insulting messages without ridiculing them in truth sandwiches.

Could this be Trump’s way of repaying Saudi Arabian support for him and his family? Iran supports the Houthi rebels, part of the Shia minority in Yemen, who have taken control of the country. But Obama also helped the Saudi’s in furthering their genocidal foreign policies against Yemen, so that can’t be it. The complete social breakdown and crimes against humanity that we’re seeing in Yemen is mostly sponsored by Saudi Arabia, but was greatly accelerated by Obama when he got “drone crazy” – Trump has only continued with that policy.






It appears that Trump is not determined to start a war with Iran. It also appears that his policies against Iran are not meant to be part of a shift towards supporting Saudi Arabia, as Obama was also supportive of Saudi Arabia with respect to Yemen, and Saudi Arabia has been an ally of the United States for many decades. Therefore it appears that Trump’s policies against Iran merely demonstrate the same ill conceived bullying coercive style that he uses everywhere around the world, and he does not care about the impacts they may have domestically or the severe inhumanity that they may inflict on the people in the countries that he’s targeting. He is also committed to undoing everything that Obama has done, because he wants to use that to fuel his racist base – these efforts have been met with some failures (e.g. ending Obamacare.) One could also argue that Trump has an obsession with driving the narrative of the US media news cycles via these crises. What kind of a person does such things and is that someone who you want running this country? Are endangering the American people and sponsoring crimes against humanity a confession of terrible judgement and or a low bar for morality also reason for impeachment? One thing is for sure, given his clearly obvious pattern of behavior, we should not be giving his ‘crisis du jour’ so much credibility and instead focus on changing the narrative via Truth Sandwiches – this applies most directly to the media.



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