Compassion, Humanity, Opportunity, Inclusiveness, Change and Equality (CHOICE) defines the path to the “Hearts and Minds” of Democratic voters in 2020


June 6, 2019 by epoetus

What is the Democratic party strategy for winning in 2020? Has the DNC learned from its mistakes in 2016? What have we, the voters, learned from all of this?




The Democratic party needs a *winning* nationwide strategy for 2020 and beyond. Do we create a “big tent” inclusive strategy that unites us all to face a common set of issues or do we focus on infighting over control of the party, its agenda and risk missing an opportunity to make significant gains once again? The 2018 mid-terms showed us that healthcare is an important unifying message. In this political climate there appear to be so many more messages like this and that list is growing every day.

Biden’s message and agenda, which epitomizes what has become known as the Corporate Establishment neoliberal stance, is simply “Beat Trump.” That is not a bad goal, but should it be the only one? Is this a broad enough message to inspire and rouse the people into action, or does it feel like more of the same ‘minimal,’ ‘throw a dog a bone’ stuff that has slowly demoralized and demobilized the Democratic voters by reinforcing their belief that nothing will change? Does this strategy even allow us to meaningfully take the initiative and frame our own “Truth Sandwiches” narrative or does it once again abdicate the initiative and narrative to the Republicans. The data seems to be telling us a broad inclusive message that inspires people and expands the voting population to increase turn out is the optimal strategy for the Democrats – it also gives us the opportunity to seize the initiative with our own narrative.


National Democratic leadership has already taken the Corporate Establishment neoliberal approach for 2020, and has actively de-mobilized the progressive base as they did during the 2016 primaries. Those primaries revealed a DNC leadership that would stop at nothing, poisoning its promise to support democracy with its clear ethics violations as revealed in the class-action lawsuit that followed, in support of influencing the nomination for Hillary over Bernie. This is an analysis of what resulted in 2016:
“The results of demobilization are devastating. As the chart below shows, in four key states in 2016, there were more progressives who voted in 2012 and then stayed home in 2016 than the margin of victory in each state. Many of these voters are young people of color.” -Forbes article



We can certainly blame Russian interference, but we cannot dismiss the impact of the Democratic campaign strategy on ‘fly over’ states that were ignored. This Corporate Establishment neoliberal strategy is a pure “Money in Politics” business as usual approach to conducting the election ritual, but does not serve the needs of the people or honor the mandates of democracy. The assignment of Chris Korge, an anti-progressive former lobbyist, as the DNC finance chair reinforces the conclusion that they’ve gone down that “Money in Politics” route for 2020. The risks of this strategy for the average American, and not the rich who paid for the 2016 strategy, are now obvious – democracy lost, the average American lost, and the power of the oligarchy has grown. Clearly the agenda of the rich and their corporations (e.g. Boeing) is not the agenda of the average American and it has no business being the agenda of the Democratic party.


In our current political environment the opportunities abound, so it’s not like the potential of a great, ambitious, inclusive and diverse agenda that makes great strides at getting a political dialog and movement going is a pipe dream. In fact this strategy has become even more compelling since 2018, so much so that many people wonder why we’re not already marching in the streets. A quick look at this long list, which is admittedly incomplete proves the point quite well:
• Healthcare
• Unilateral Trade tariffs
• The Emergency declaration for border wall
• Tax breaks for the rich
• College tuition debt
• The ongoing gun control “No” and associated #TAPTFALO
• The Republican Court nominee process
• Our crumbling infrastructure
• The stock market is in terrible shape – another thank you for the tariffs
• Fears of an impending recession – recent economic report
• The unemployment rate is down but wages are not up. Why? Shouldn’t the ‘free market’ settle that?
• Climate change and rolling back policies and regulations that might stave off the impacts of climate change
• The extreme weather we’re seeing and the impacts to farmers and other parts of the nation
• The state of democracy
• Obstruction and Conspiring with foreign governments
• Wars that we fund (e.g. Yemen)
• Women’s healthcare rights and the spate of laws being passed to ban abortions
• Banning Muslims from immigrating
• The Presidents tax returns
• The Emoluments clause
• Ongoing indictments that were part of the Mueller report
• The attacks on diversity and inclusion
• Rising wealth and income inequality
• The rise of monopolies once again
• The Boeing 737 Max 8 debacle, a monopoly that influenced and architected a colossal process failure, is not being prosecuted
There is a lot worth fighting for and many reasons to be marching in the streets. Why aren’t the Democrats, and specifically the Democratic presidential candidates, in the news every day seizing the initiative to shed light on this as are their Republican counterparts? Why don’t they realize that this is the fuel to activate voters, progressives especially, which supports a more inclusive strategy that increases the number of voters?

We shouldn’t care that Biden the person is currently the front runner in the primaries. What we should care about is his agenda and his strategy, and the outcome of the dialog surrounding the debates should shape and mold his agenda and that of the other candidates. It appears that he has already moved towards defining substantive policy positions on topics like climate change – an acknowledgement that the “Beat Trump” message is not enough. We need to ask ourselves “Do we trust him?” And ask that of every candidate. We should also care about the Democratic party machinery and hold it accountable for running a fair primary process that the people can believe in and get mobilized over for once. Let’s speak out against the transgressions of Democratic leadership, which will poison our trust in the Democratic party, when we see them demobilizing the progressive agenda. Let’s mobilize ourselves, discuss the issues, the facts and the logical solutions to the important problems we’re facing, including who is the best candidate to move America forward towards a progressive, inclusive objective.

What happened in 2016? Was the primary rigged for Hillary?

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One thought on “Compassion, Humanity, Opportunity, Inclusiveness, Change and Equality (CHOICE) defines the path to the “Hearts and Minds” of Democratic voters in 2020

  1. Robert Boyd Oldacre says:

    Follow my lead: Use climate crisis and climate catastrophe, not climate change.

    Use global heating, not warming.

    And call climate deniers what they really are: Climate Liars.

    Part of what’s wrong with Dem candidates is they sound like they have a grab-bag of slogans, of give-aways – health care for all, college tuition, Green New Deal, Abortion, LGBTQ issues – that should be packaged as a set of programs that lead toward a single goal. Otherwise it’s all just
    the Dems doing their government spending thing.

    The Green New Deal has the potential to be the umbrella under which all other issues
    reside. Especially, a more equal economy, climate solutions, national health care, the break-up of the fossil-fuel based economy and power structure. LGBTQ’s are especially protected
    because they are the most vulnerable people in today’s system.

    Also what’s needed is not just the usual diversity talk of Dems but a program that gives
    African-American people true equality in the US. This includes Truth & Reconciiiation and
    Reparations. It also must include a way to give black people control of their own communities.
    Especially for policing, but also for the economic shift of the GND. Communities and workers
    must have ownership and control of cooperatively structured businesses and industries.
    Worker control to operate factories and keep them in place; community partnership to insure
    these factories won’t pollute air, water, soil any longer.

    The true message is that capitalism does not work any more and we must shift to a new

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