Curing Tax Inequities And Trade

May 28, 2019 by stephenshubert

An interesting article about coping with tax inequities. Click the link?Protestors demonstrate against the 2017 tax bill on December 19, 2017, on Wall Street in New York City.

States have an opportunity to act to close the loopholes that hide and protect the wealth of the top 1%, remedy the impact of the new federal tax law that lowers taxes on the wealthy, and make critical investments in infrastructure, energy systems, and programs that create broader opportunity and shared prosperity. Concentrations of wealth are distorting our economy and undermining our democracy and civic health. State administrations and state legislatures can act to close the loopholes, put a brake on economic inequality and concentrations of wealth, and generate significant revenue – a menu of some of the most promising options.


Bernie Sanders speaks during a news conference to urge Congress not to fast-track the Trans-Pacific Partnership on June 3, 2015.

Democrats Won’t Win by Being Trump Lite on Trade:

International trade isn’t the problem—it’s Republican trade policies that have empowered corporations while leaving American workers behind. here are now 23 Democratic presidential candidates vying to succeed U.S. President Donald Trump. But all of them are tongue-tied on one of the biggest foreign-policy issues of our generation: Trump’s escalating trade wars, which are starting to resemble the disastrous beggar-thy-neighbor policies of the 1930s. Democrats have been so suspicious of trade agreements for many decades, and so tempted by the siren of protectionism, that they now find themselves speechless as Trump continues on a ruinous path.

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