How did the Venezuela crisis begin? What is the point of US policy? Is the media complicit again?

May 4, 2019 by epoetus


• According to international observers, Venezuela’s May 2018 elections were free and fair
• US sanctions have crippled Venezuela, and caused the humanitarian crisis we’re seeing on the news
• Economists Jeffrey Sachs and Francesco Rodriguez, and the UN Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet all state that the level of sanctions are hurting the people of Venezuela
• “American sanctions are deliberately aiming to wreck Venezuela’s economy and thereby lead to regime change,” Jeffrey Sachs said. “It’s a fruitless, heartless, illegal, and failed policy, causing grave harm to the Venezuelan people.”
• The US sanctions appear to be politically motivated, directed at regime change, and pre-date the May 2018 elections
• The US sanctions are illegal under international and US law
• It is unclear as to exactly what Maduro has done to justify the implementation of these sanctions, but it is clear that the US does not want him in power
• 4 million Venezuelans have fled the country so far because of the recent crisis
• The mainstream media in the United States is not covering this situation adequately, as the tendency is to support the idea of regime change without explaining either the illegality of US sanctions or the humanitarian impacts of the sanctions on the people of Venezuela. In fact there are no opinion pieces in US mainstream media that oppose regime change.
The US, specifically the Republican POTUS, has once again decided that regime change is a good idea and is actively trying to do so in Venezuela. Many political leaders in Europe and many Establishment Democrats, like Joe Biden, in the United States support this goal – but some Progressive Democrats like Ilhan Omar are speaking out against these policies and sanctions which are primarily directed at hurting the Venezuelan people. The sanctions applied by the United States against Venezuela violate international and US laws. Unfortunately the people of Venezuela are taking the brunt of this impact and are suffering a humanitarian crisis because these US sanctions are so cruel and severe. This is yet another opportunity for Democratic leadership and quality journalists to differentiate themselves from the Republicans and mainstream media, by denouncing the US attempt at regime change in Venezuela. We need to take responsibility for our history of delivering so much suffering to the people of Latin America that have caused the consistent flood of migrants to our borders as a byproduct of regime change policies – journalists and Democratic leadership have an obligation to do the right thing.


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