What are the consequences of 10,000 lies, brutality and shattering the society?


May 3, 2019 by stephenshubert

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Has America lost the ability to think about consequences? Are emotional reactions all that is left? Is the inevitable result of environmental catastrophe, and the destruction of social bonds and the rule of law a war of all against all?  Humans, throughout their history at different times and places have seen the destruction of their civilization. Easter Island collapsed when the last tree was cut down – Rome drowned in its own excesses – the blind pursuit of wealth at any cost toppled the empire.  Bad decisions lead to bad results.  Bad leaders lead to catastrophe.  American and  British political leaders have lead us into a trap. European political structures are under increasing strain and danger of Collapse.  Hungry has become a fascist state. Who is next?  Has our Luck Run out?  Asks Thomas L. Friedman  who writes – Most crucial problems today are global in nature and can be dealt with only by a global coalition.

While the old line political elites – Democrat and Republican  –  are dysfunctional and ever more unconcerned about the fate of the Republic and its citizens, incapable of addressing the existential threats which face us, there are grassroot efforts to formulate solutions to the crises which confront us. – including  progressive groups within the Democratic Party.  We still have the ability, if we act, to salvage much that has been destroyed (bulwards against pollution,  social inequity, and an out of control economic incentive system). We can create new patterns of social and economic organization – not easily, no guarantee of success – but with a determination to try – or accept the collapse of our culture and society.  I do not want my children and their children to experience the hardships and destruction, even mass death that is coming their way if we do not act on controlling climate change, fixing our political system, and finding ways to ensure that our people have more than a hand to mouth future.

How do ordinary, individuals without vast wealth and influence fight back against highly organized, wealthy interest groups?  For me, it is to support and work with the groups and organizations which are our allies – That includes the Democratic Party, Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, Green Peace, Nature Conservancy, National Union of Concerned Scientists,  Washington Environmental Council and Friends of the San Juans to name a few (there are many, many more).  Political organizations such Indivisible, People for the American Way, and Justice Democrats are focused on social/political problems at all levels, affecting all people.  Check out Wikipedia’ list of progressive organizations – which is by no means exhaustive.

Check out Knock down the Housea documentary about the rise of the Justice Democrats – women involved in political struggle, underdogs who fought for us.  A hopeful film.

Choose your champions – join with them, support and finance them as best you can. 












One thought on “What are the consequences of 10,000 lies, brutality and shattering the society?

  1. epoetus says:

    Other options that are complimentary to this list of recommendations are:
    * Engage in protests and direct actions as we see with the Yellow Vests in France, “Skolsteik for Climatat” Greta Thunberg, and various other climate organizations that are doing things like super-gluing themselves to the monuments of the rich who refuse to do anything about global warming because all they know is how to fry the planet for profits and they are confident that they can continue to override democracy with “Money in Politics.” We should use what Howard Zinn, Martin Luther King and Gene Sharp have taught us about the way that democracy works.
    * Talk with people respectfully and patiently in safe environments about these existential threats. Maybe you’ll learn something. Maybe you’ll teach somebody something they didn’t know. Hopefully you both will walk away with greater knowledge and inspiration to do something about our failed democracy. As we increase our understanding and focus on bringing about awareness, we will hit the tipping point where “the people” reach an unstoppable majority/concensus as we have in the recent past during FDRs presidency.


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