Wisdom from our ancestors: do not make this – Trump and his racist, fascist messages – the new normal

April 27, 2019 by epoetus


• The “commander” of the United Constitutional Patriots, an armed group that set up camp in Sunland Park near the border fence to patrol the area, was arrested without bail and was injured in jail

• This “commander” claimed to have a personal relationship with Trump, and that the president had asked him to send “intel” from the border

• This group claims to have detained 3,500 people in the past month

• If this is true (that this militia is armed and detaining individuals and turning them over to Border Patrol), it would likely amount to criminal behavior – kidnapping

• It turns out the F.B.I. had known about them at least since 2017 when it investigated tips that a group of heavily armed men at a trailer park in northwest New Mexico were “training” to assassinate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros

• Last year, Newsweek obtained leaked Department of Defense documents warning of the threat of armed, unregulated militia groups operating in between ports of entry along the border

• The Nazi movement started with ultra-nationalist paramilitary groups that targeted religious minorities

• Trump’s ascent to power was fueled with all the same elements: the conspiracism, the paranoid nativism, the bellicose appeal to an ethos of violence

What we are seeing on the border with vigilante militias is not new – it’s an escalation and radicalization of what has come before them. Many of these white supremacist organizations are professed followers of fascism. As Joe Biden pointed out this week, the deadly fascist rally in Charlottesville, North Carolina in August 2017, which resulted in the death of Heather Heyer, reveals a President who supports white supremacists with his “both sides” comment. In fact Trump is actively grooming this segment of our population, via rallies and Fox News, because that is the base he uses to generate and maintain his support. Fascism is a well-known Pandora’s box of a marketing strategy, whose goal is to generate a sufficient base of voters to enable an election win – for corporations and the wealthy who seek control so they can replace democracy with an oligarchy. The Republicans have been tapping into that base via this anti-democratic strategy for decades, since Nixon defined the Southern strategy, but Trump has taken it to unabashed new levels. We should not be surprised by this political strategy. We must show our outrage for it, reject this movement and demonstrate our understanding of the lessons learned by our ancestors by directly confronting and resisting it – we cannot let this become the new normal.

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