What is going on with the Trump-Russia investigation? And what does it say about our political system, our government and our democracy?

March 3, 2019 by stephenshubert


The courts will certainly decide the true guilt or innocence of anyone involved in this investigation, if justice is allowed to proceed unobstructed, but will it be able to? With the revolving door of the Attorney General position churning along with so many positions within the White House, it seems fair to say that there’s a conflict of interest that is trying to obstruct the course of justice. Thankfully the Democrats now control the House of Representatives, which has dramatically shifted the options for what is possible back towards the Democrats who seem much more interested in seeking justice from an investigation that has already indicted at least 37 people, eight of whom have been either convicted or plead guilty so far that we know of.

But why do the Republicans seem disinterested in pursuing justice in this matter? Has the notion of these special council investigations simply become part of what the “other party” does to a President in power (e.g. Benghazi which had zero criminal indictments after over two years of investigation?) Is our current climate in DC with respect to the chronic use of these investigations just another reflection of how “Money in Politics” has taken control of this countries’ political agenda? Certainly Trump’s questionable business practices have been known for decades, and much has been published about this, but he has managed to avoid legal consequences and neither party seemed genuinely outraged by any of this until after he won the election. Now that the tax break legislation has been signed into law, and so many offices run by the executive branch have been effectively gutted, one wonders if the ends justified the means for the Republicans.

But who benefits from these latest accomplishments of the Republican agenda? And who has benefitted from the overall political agenda in this country for the past 40 or so years? Have we all become too accepting of globalization, deregulation, free trade market forces, privatization and tax reductions and the bigger than life personalities of Billionaires? Did these trends contribute to our having overlooked what now appears to be the obvious organized crime pedigree of Trump, his family and his cronies? Hopefully the courts will decide on justice. It appears that we may already have enough information to help us grasp the gravity of the larger political picture and take action, however. Elijiah Cumming seemed to sum up this sentiment yesterday when he said this:
“And I’m hoping all of us can get back to this democracy we want and we should be passing on to our children, so they can do better than we did,” he said. “When we’re dancing with the angels, the question will be asked, ‘In 2019, what did we do to make sure we kept our democracy intact? Did we stand on the sidelines and say nothing?’ ”

Elijah Cumming closing speech after Michael Cohen’s testimony:

This weeks’ Michael Cohen testimony:

The latest on Roger Stone:

Factcheck.org seems to be a credible source for this timeline that begins in June 2015:

List of people who have been indicted, been convicted or pled guilty:

There are 30 pages of results on the Guardian that take us back to the middle of 2017, so it is incomplete:



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