Saving Orcas – The Governor’s Task Force Recommendations – Comment Deadline 10/29/18

October 26, 2018 by stephenshubert

This survey is collecting public comments on the October 24, 2018, updated draft recommendations of the Governor’s Southern Resident Orca Task Force. Full details about each of the recommendations can be found in the document on the Governor’s website.
You are asked to indicate level of support and select your top 5 choices. There is room for comment.  For example, I said”I think a comprehensive approach is necessary, based on what we know and problems threatending survival. That is, fund a sustainable, comprehensive program focused on habitat restoration, reduction of noise pollution, elimination of harmful chemicals in our waterways, and increase hatchery production as indicated by increases in habitat capacity to support population growth.”
There are also links to pertinent web sites.
We have a lot to do to salvage what we can from destruction.  Saving our home has to rank high on the list.  VOTE
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