Republicans Use Disruptive Russian Election Tactics

October 23, 2018 by stephenshubert

fake mailers


Rather than condemn Russian interference with our election process, the Republican Party (Reptillians) had adopted Russian Military Social Media propaganda strategies to divide and confuse our society.  The Republicans are attacking  democratic processes –

Right-wing activist and Republican pawn Glen Morgan has teamed up with the Islamophobic, anti-refugee, Dino-Rossi-supporting CEO Peter Zieve to send out mailers telling voters to write in candidates on their ballots — candidates who aren’t even running for office this cycle.
We know that these mailers have been sent out in the 6th Legislative District near Spokane; in the 19th Legislative District in the southwestern part of the state; the 26th Legislative District, which includes Bremerton and Port Orchard; and in Thurston County.
The mailers use the logos of organizations like Planned Parenthood Votes, the Washington State Labor Council, and Fuse Washington — along with statements released by these groups in past election cycles about past candidates. Republicans are attempting to deceive voters into thinking that these organizations are supporting write-in campaigns. They’re not. In fact, several of the organizations listed in these fake flyers are considering legal action against the Republicans responsible for the mailers for using their logos to lie to voters.
They are willing to destroy our society to win elections so they can destroy our values.
Don’t let them!
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