Washington State Races to Support

September 19, 2018 by stephenshubert


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There are three outstanding progressive women running congressional races in  Washington State who, with our support, can HELP FLIP THE HOUSE from Republican to Democratic control.

Who are these candidates?
Lisa Brown was the Senate Majority Leader here in the WA State Legislature and the Chancellor of WSU, Spokane. She knows her constituents in the 5th District – and they know her. Lisa is smart, tough, and a strong voice for progressive values.  She is running against Cathy McMorris Rodgers, one of the highest ranking Republicans in the House and one of Trump’s staunchest supporters.  Read about Lisa and contribute to her campaign at https://www.lisabrownforcongress.com.

In the 8th District, the seat is open because of Dave Reichert’s retirement, and a dynamic pediatrician, Dr. Kim Schrier, is going up against Dino Rossi.  In addition to focusing on education and health care, she has been endorsed by End Citizens United, a group working to stop the flow of corporate money into elections.  Learn more about Kim and contribute at https://www.drkimschrier.com/.

Carolyn Long is running in the 3rd Congressional District as the candidate who will represent the people of her community, not the needs of special interests and corporate donors. She has a long list of great endorsements, including that of Senator Elizabeth Warren. She is running against the incumbent, Jaime Herrera Beutler, a loyal supporter of the Trump agenda. When you read more about Carolyn’s stand on issues at https://www.electlong.com  you’ll be eager to contribute to her campaign!

Why are these races so critical?

1) We need these seats. Dems need to gain 23 seats in the House in order to win a majority, which would give them the power to investigate the corruption of this administration, and provide the constitutional checks and balances so lost in this spineless Congress.
2) The Republicans are bringing in the “big names” from D.C. to raise huge amounts of money from their wealthy donors.  This money is paying for nasty, negative, misleading ads in these districts. They can outspend us, but that doesn’t mean they have the votes.

3) These races are winnable.  Each of these women did extremely well in her primary and has a real shot at defeating her Republican opponent. Polls indicate that these races may be separated by only a few percentage points – so it will be down to turnout and the campaigns’ ability to spread their messages.

If we do not support those candidates who can win with financial  support or help in their campaigns, then we will continue to live with the devil and his minions as they strip us of health care, social security,  and kill us by selling our national assets and allowing pollution to foul our land, air and water.  So VOTE and SUPPORT!

If you tell us at FlipTheHouse@sent.com  that you  gave $5 or $10 or $50 to these candidates, we’ll tally the totals in about a week and let you know what you folks have contributed to the return of sanity to Washington, D.C.

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