Interesting Videos about changing our Voting Laws

August 8, 2018 by stephenshubert

As you know, my last post concerned rank choice voting which I think would solve a lot of problems in our Democracy, winner take all,  getting a candidate you hate if your choice does not get elected.  Well, I am not alone in trying to fix the electoral system.   Check out these videos, one or all!  Thanks!

The Chair of the local Democratic Party, David Turnoy,  recommends videos by Hedrick Smith,  a longtime reporter (now in his 80’s) who lives on Orcas in the summer and in DC the rest of the year.  He reported on the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War 50 years ago.  He has produced some short videos that are definitely worth seeing, informing us of movements and actions taking place currently to re-establish democracy.  There are links below to 5 videos that I just watched, and I strongly encourage you to watch them.  If nothing else, they will give you hope that people haven’t given up, that progress is being made, and you may even be inspired to act:

Public funding gets a Winner! –
The People Vs. the Politicians
Why Voter ID Laws Matter – and where? –
Ohio Rebels vs Rigged Elections”  –
Rev, Barber Fights for Voter Rights –

I hope you have voted.  Stop by the San Juan County Fair (8/15 – 8/18) Democratic Booth and meet like minded people, pick up platform statements and links to the whole platform and State democratic activies to ensure that we turn over the US Congress and maintain a Democratic majority in the State Legislature!  It will take us all to reverse the disasters Trump ignores – raging wild fires, drought, heat waves ( tree death in Northern Europe , fish in the Rhine  River are dying for lack of oxygen due to heat)  Starving and Dying Salish Sea Orcas, corruption and so much more!

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