Ranked Choice Voting Coming to Washington?

July 4, 2018 by stephenshubert



Electoral reform is a hot topic.  Many different approaches  are being offered, from voter restrictions (Republican preference) to open primaries (California, top two) to Ranked Choice (Maine).  Which is the most fair?  Which produces the candidate with the most voter support? Ranked Choice Voting is emerging as the method to ensure voter choice is honored and the candidate with the most support is elected.  An article explaining how it works, where it has worked and its results is available by clicking here:  The State that upended politics with a new kind of voting.  If you prefer a video, check out ABC 7news

Check out Fair Vote Washington, a project of Fix Democracy First, for information about organizing in Washington.  Isn’t it time we fixed the corrupt system of market based, money driven politics with a system that more accurately reflects the choices voters want to make?  While we must fight to keep Republicans from destroying our country, we must also find better ways to reflect the will of the people!  I think Ranked Choice offers the best tested solution to date.

Stop by the San Juan County Democratic Party booth at the County Fair on August  15 -18. Look forward to seeing you there!


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