Gearing Up for Serious Struggle


July 4, 2018 by stephenshubert

Anyone who supports women’s rights, gay rights, access to healthcare must mobilize to fight off a Trump Court.  Indivisible has a strategy:


The only way we can defeat Trump’s nominee is to:

1. Get to 51 votes. To start, we need 49 “no” votes from EVERY SINGLE SENATE DEMOCRAT to have a fighting chance. That means we need Minority Leader Schumer whipping as hard as he can and as long as he can to keep his caucus in line. And it means we need the three Democratic Senators who voted for Justice Gorsuch—Senators Manchin (WV), Heitkamp (ND), and Donnelly (IN) to stand with us this time. If we lose any of these Dems, we will lose.

That gets us to 49. To get to 51, we need a couple Republican Senators. The two most logical targets are Senators Collins (ME) and Murkowski (AK). This nomination has extraordinary implications for Roe v. Wade and reproductive rights—and both of these Senators are pro-choice, with a history of bucking their party to stand up for women’s health. They would deal a devastating blow to women everywhere if they supported any of Trump’s nominees.

2. Take back the Senate. If we accomplish that first step, that will extend the fight past November. But that’s not enough. In order to actually win this fight, we have to retake the Senate, otherwise Trump will just appoint an extremist after the election. Democrats need to hold all of their seats and PICK UP TWO MORE SEATS. There are 5 pickup opportunities this year:

  • Defeat Ted Cruz (Texas)
  • Defeat Dean Heller (Nevada)
  • Defeat Cindy Hyde-Smith (Mississippi)
  • Replace retiring Republican Bob Corker (Tennessee)
  • Replace retiring Republican Jeff Flake (Arizona

    We need your people power to retake the Senate—not just in November, but NOW. Money doesn’t win elections—people do. There are hundreds of Indivisible groups throughout our five target states—Arizona, Mississippi, Nevada, Texas, and Tennessee. They’ve been working their butts off and we need to lend them a hand. If you’re in those states—great! Keep it up. If you don’t live in those 5 states, we need you to pitch in.

    So what can you do from where you live? Indivisible is going to be running a GINORMOUS phonebank for out-of-state volunteers to help flip these seats and retake the senate. We absolutely cannot wait until November to start helping in these races—if we want to win, we have to get moving. We need you to sign up NOW. The Indivisibles in these states need your help—sign up here to start phonebanking to help retake the Senate.

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One thought on “Gearing Up for Serious Struggle

  1. David A Turnoy says:

    Great post! And Senators Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham have both said they will not vote for a nominee who opposes Roe v. Wade. Let’s make sure they stick to their guns.


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