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March 28, 2018 by stephenshubert


Indivisibles in PA-18 pulled off an incredible victory!

Indivisible Mt. Lebanon and Progress 18 PA, with their coalition partners PA Together, shocked the political world again by pulling off an incredible victory in PA-18!

Democrat Conor Lamb won the special election on Tuesday with just 627 votes — previously this district went for Trump by 19 points in 2016. And IndivisiVolunteers helped make a difference: 1,556 national volunteers completed 2,917 text-banking shifts during the last two weeks of the election. All together, they sent 108,828 texts to voters in the district!

Feel free to contact San Juans Indivisible at:  islandsindivisible@gmail.com

Trump is a national security threat:   Click and see the list. 

More from Indivisible:  On Monday, the Congressional Budget Office or “CBO,” (you might remember them as the independent budget scorekeepers from the Trumpcare fight!) analyzed S. 2155 and it was NOT pretty. The CBO determined that the bill was likely to increase the odds that government funding would go to bank bailouts. This. is. not. ok. After the 2008 financial crisis, Congress passed Dodd-Frank to seriously correct the lax oversight that caused it. We cannot let this terrible bill undo that progress and put us at risk of another financial crisis.

Then on Tuesday, the very next day, the Senate voted on a motion to proceed on S. 2155. The final vote on the MTP was 67-32, with 50 Republicans voting yes. They were joined by 17 Democrats who voted yes. This was only the first vote on S. 2155, so there’s still time to hold these senators accountable for their votes and ask them to change course!

Washington  Tidbits:

House: Spooked by Conor Lamb’s upset victory, anonymous “[t]op House Republicans” (or at least, their aides) called out more than half a dozen GOP incumbents by name to the Washington Examiner‘s David Drucker, saying they’ve been running “complacent” campaigns that could turn each of them into the next Rick Saccone.

Two other slackers, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) and Rep. Andy Barr (KY-06), are likewise said to have “seen an uptick in fundraising and legwork.” Still, it’s shocking to see McMorris Rodgers, a senior member of leadership and the only woman in the top ranks of the House GOP, make any kind of list of laggards at all. (Daily KOS)

According to the Seattle PI, The state’s most prominent Republican member of Congress is “no longer safe” in her Eastern Washington district, according to an assessment released Friday by the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.The report downgraded GOP Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers from “Solid Republican” to “Likely Republican.”

How likely is open to conjecture back in this Washington.  Last Saturday, 439 people showed up in Spokane at a volunteers training session for Democratic challenger, former State Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown.

Washington Environmental Council;  Lists environmental achievements of the latest legislative session.

Washington Dems legislative accomplishments:  A short film of the achievements of the recent legislative session with the majority party democrats.  Electing Democrats is what we at the Washington State Democratic Party do. Thank you for your support in helping us regain control of the state Senate by electing Manka Dhingra last year — whether you knocked on doors, made phone calls, or contributed to fund organizing efforts. You have made a positive impact on people’s lives all around Washington.

Exciting news! DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison will be in Washington Friday, April 6th and Saturday, April 7th — and he’ll be the special guest at two Organizing Academies! The first will be held at Kane Hall at the University of Washington in Seattle on Friday, April 6th. The second will be a #FlipThe8th Organizing Academy at Liberty High School in East Renton on Saturday, April 7th. RSVP by clicking on the links or on the images above!

 National Parks Conservation Association: March 27 Hear Our Olympics Release Party at Seattle Central Cinema Be among the first to see our new short film about preserving natural quiet in Olympic National Park. Tickets at http://bit.ly/2BUkV2g

National Activities:  Fighting for the right to vote:

 Maine: On Monday, Maine state election officials certified a referendum for the June primary ballot that would veto the legislature’s effective repeal of an instant-runoff voting law that voters had passed via ballot initiative in 2016. That repeal law gets automatically suspended until the referendum takes place, meaning Maine will become the first state to use instant-runoff voting for all congressional and state-level primaries. This new system lets voters rank their top three candidate preferences. If no candidate takes a majority of first preferences, the last-place finisher gets eliminated and their votes get reassigned to their voters’ second preferences. This process repeats until one candidate takes a majority.
…..candidates will no longer be able to win with pluralities just by coasting on higher name recognition or facing a divided field of opponents. Furthermore, voters can worry less about their first-choice candidate playing spoiler and preventing victory for a candidate they like the second- or third-most. And because voters’ second and third primary election preferences matter, running attack ads against an opponent could present a much bigger risk of making the attacker look less appealing compared to one of several alternatives; this could prompt candidates to run more positive campaigns.  (Daily KOS)
Seems like something we could all support?  Want to see what else Reptilians are doing?
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