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March 7, 2018 by stephenshubert


DailyKos provides campaign news  on national and state political races.  Also provides financial analysis based on campaign  reports.  A good way to track candidates and activities.

WA-05: EMILY’s List has endorsed Lisa Brown, a former state senator and former Washington State University Spokane chancellor. Brown is challenging GOP Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for a seat that Trump carried 52-39, and she’s unlikely to face any serious opposition from a fellow Democrat in the August top-two primary.

Emily’s list  has helped elect 11 governors, 23 Senators, 116 membes of the house, and 800 women to state and local offices, including  Senator Tammy Baldwin

Center for American Progress:   the Center for American Progress proposes a new system—“Medicare Extra for All.” Medicare Extra would include important enhancements to the current Medicare program: an out-of-pocket limit, coverage of dental care and hearing aids, and integrated drug benefits. Medicare Extra would be available to all Americans, regardless of income, health status, age, or insurance status.

Employers would have the option to sponsor Medicare Extra and employees would have the option to choose Medicare Extra over their employer coverage. Medicare Extra would strengthen, streamline, and integrate Medicaid coverage with guaranteed quality into a national program.

The cost of coverage would be offset significantly by reducing health care costs. The payment rates for medical providers would reference current Medicare rates—and importantly, employer plans would be able to take advantage of these savings. Medicare Extra would negotiate prescription drug prices by giving preference to drugs whose prices reflect value and innovation. Medicare Extra would also implement long overdue reforms to the payment and delivery system and take advantage of Medicare’s administrative efficiencies. In this report, CAP also outlines a package of tax revenue options to finance the remaining cost.

Medicare Extra for All would guarantee universal coverage and eliminate underinsurance. It would guarantee that all Americans can enroll in the same high-quality plan, modeled after the highly popular Medicare program. At the same time, it would preserve employer-based coverage as an option for millions of Americans who are satisfied with their coverage

Party on Shaw:  Maybe you would like to put up a post on the web site regarding the postcard party we had on Shaw.

0222182025b is spot on as an example of what needs to happen this year. It is like a PCO on steroids! We got to get the vote out! Between the 10 of us at the party and two who wanted to write from home we sent out 125 postcards to voters in Alabama district 21 encouraging them to vote for Terry Jones (State House) in the special election March 27th. I have been using this organization to write for other candidates on my own as well. I hope to convince local Democrats in Washington to sign up for the service.

Randy Brice vs. Paul Ryan  watch a video interview here  Ryan, potential destroyer of Medicare, social security and the safetynet must go!


Andrew Janz opposes Rep Devin Nunes:   As the  Chairman and chief apologist of the liar con man  Trump,  he authored the House  Select Intelligence Committee  memo on   the Russia Investigation, slandering the FBI, spewing half truths,  leaving gaps and omissions and outright lies, is drawing challengers in his run for congress.  It is people like this who must be voted out of office!   Janz received over $65,000 in donations after the memo was published. Nunes is in trouble, despite the $3.8 million received from republican PACs.  Help defeat him


SJIFSS Salish Sea Home Sweet Home

The Salish Sea heard some good news this past week! 

Contact Shawn Hubbard at :


The proposed Tesoro-Savage oil export terminal on the Columbia River at Vancouver WA is kaput!


Washington lawmakers passed the bill to ban Atlantic salmon net pens in our state waters!

The Washington State Senate passed the Salish Sea Protection Act and the Orca Whale Protection Act!
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