Time to Wake Up!


October 10, 2017 by stephenshubert

There is much in this world that affects us all.

As a volunteer, member of the Democratic Party, and PCO, I think it is my responsibility to inform the residents of San Juan County of events which effect our lives ranging from climate change,  changes and challenges to our environment; to the changing economy, jobs, automation,  and more; to the political environment,  local state and national. Radical changes are occurring, some quite scary, others less so, but all will effect us, our children and the Islands.


The blog will be informative, providing information from many sources and in different mediums. But it is also a call to action – we must do something to shape our future.  We will be inviting other Island organizations to post information and action notices, including issues, meeting places and times.  Residents will also be invited to post their concerns, and invitations to collective action.  And, of course, provide information on the Democratic Party Platform. I expect, and encourage other Democrats to post.  I will curate the site and will respond to posts.

Right now, there is no publishing schedule, but a monthly blog is the goal. There will be a link to sign up for email notifications, and I hope you will share the blog with friends, neighbors and family. I hope you will find this blog worth your time.

 David T,  chair of the San Juan Democrats, has asked the follow question:


How do we get the DNC to embrace what is in this article before they destroy their opportunity for the Democrats to again become the party of the people and become dominant?


Learn more about The Resistance and sign up tohelp us in our fight!    let’s dump Trump, and his GOP followers who are trying to take away the Affordable Care Act and basic healthcare, refusing to fund Washington Schools, and pushing for tax breaks for millionaires, rather than a wage increase for the middle class. Let’s organize! Help us realize our shared vision of a stronger and unified Washington, and a nation where everyone is guaranteed an equal voice. Because that’s what the Constitution says. And every now and then the Constitution needs an assist from a group of determined citizens – please join us in The Resistance.


3 thoughts on “Time to Wake Up!

  1. ianvangelder says:

    I think it is important to recognize just who it is we are Resisting, and the foes we are embattled with. Yes, of course, Trump is the Bogeyman, the antithesis of what we envisage a President to be. And, yet, he is truly only a “dummy”, a puppet that is so blatantly being maneuvered from off-stage. The real puppet-masters are those “captains” of industry that have bought and paid for this Republican sham Government. Every action that Trump has taken has been designed to benefit those faceless corporate interests, regardless of the cost. They are determined to turn the clock back, to a time where dominant corporations could act, unfettered by government regulations, or concern of the People.

    It is that image of corrupt, greedy corporate interests who are riding roughshod over every democratic value and institution that we should be the new poster image that we should all be brandishing as we Resist! In fact, they do not need to remain faceless. We know who those corporate interests are…and we should explicitly name them. Let them be revealed in public as the real demons behind this despicable clown. And why shouldn’t we name and reveal the faces of those CEO’s that represent these forces? Let’s shame them personally. They need to be accountable. Let’s do it!

    Ian Van Gelder


  2. Mary WillAllen says:

    I somehow think the “failure to fund Washington schools” has more to do with a stubborn refusal to tax ourselves (a state income tax) in order to make necessary improvements, than anything not coming from Washington D.C. But there are plenty of other things going wrong in D.C.


  3. David and Geri Turnoy says:

    Kudos to Stephen Shubert for getting this publication up and running again. As the San Juan County Democrats continue to try to move our local, state, and national party in a progressive direction, Islanders Voice will be a valuable asset in this effort.

    David Turnoy
    Chair, San Juan County Democrats


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