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August 1, 2016 by David Dehlendorf

Sadie Bailey, a long-time resident of Orcas Island, comments on The Sighted and the Blinkered by Harold Meyerson, columnist for the Washington Post and editor at-large of The American Prospect, which was recently reprinted on the Islanders’ Voice under the title The Bernie Revolution: Let’s Give Credit Where Credit is Due.

Begin Letter to Editor

I’m disappointed in Harold Meyerson’s unenlightened didactic finger-shaking analysis of protesters in “The Sighted and the Blinkered.” He fails to comprehend that for decades, progressives were told to tow the line of “party unity” while we watched our leaders be assassinated if they dared galvanize us, and our movements be crushed. We protest in honor of them all, and honor those who have always held the “unpopular” stance (whistleblowers included) against a profit machine that doesn’t care about our planet, most of its inhabitants, or future generations.

Since the early 1970s, we’ve yet to see the Green party on the ballot in all 50 states, because the “sighted” have fallen for this malarkey time after time. The “loud minority” of which Meyerson speaks, represents all of us who no longer believe the same old lies and empty promises. We witnessed criminal and dastardly actions by the DNC, Wasserman-Schultz, and the Clinton campaign in THIS primary election – where, for the first time, we had a viable contender in a Democratic primary – Sanders – loved by the people and the only “clean” part of this election. Now, Meyerson plays on Sanders’s basic decency and class, to chastise people who protested the theft of his rightful place as democratic presidential nominee.

If nothing else, this blatantly stolen and gerrymandered primary election should have awakened Mr. Meyerson into admitting that in today’s real world, this election was not “fair-won” – rather it was wrested from the will of the American people through lying, cheating, and purging or disenfranchising the millions of legitimate Sanders voters who were never counted or even allowed to vote. The new 96 pg. report on this stolen election bears this out.

When Wasserman-Schultz, forced to step down for her part in the collusion to prevent the nomination to Sanders, are given promotions by Clinton herself; when nary an apology or attempt to make anything right for the delegates and Sanders volunteers representing the American People who voted for Sanders was even attempted – the salt of Meyerson’s blithe criticism stings our wounds of betrayal. Meyerson demonizes Sanders’s disenfranchised delegates for protesting. Incredible… and so out of touch.

The “loud, blinkered” delegates and Sanders supporters that Meyerson chastises, understand what happened, and rightly protested this criminal theft of democratic process, on behalf of the American people they chose to represent. Working-class delegates paid prohibitive costs ($600 a night for the hotel alone!) to attend this convention. They/we still fully support Bernie Sanders – but not the corrupt decaying system in which he is compelled to participate. He helped show his supporters what needs to be done, and we will do it.

Meyerson points out that we got the most progressive platform, but fails to mention we didn’t get formal opposition to TPP on the platform. If TPP passes, it will nullify every platform gain we have hard-won. Unacceptable.

We don’t have the luxury of Time to heel into line, while corporate oligarchs throw crumbs to the unwashed masses and feast at the banquet of soulless profiteering. They lick their lips at the prospect of making a profitable killing of what’s left of our waters and lands and sovereignty. Politician puppets like the Clintons are bought and paid for by the very puppetmasters that can’t wait to leave the 99% to mop up and pay for cleaning up the poisoned mess they will make of our planet, while offshoring their profits and paying no taxes.

As Meyerson rightly observed, there’s been a class war going on, since way before the 1930s. He tells us to heel in, tow the party line. He underestimates even those Sanders supporters whom he calls “sighted.” We are unified. This revolution will continue – and it will need all of us to do all of our parts – from upholding our democratic right to protest and vote our heart and conscience, to trying to unify the foundering democratic party and hold them to their promises – if that’s even possible now. When the proverbial poop hits the fan, blame the real criminals, not the protesters.


2 thoughts on “Letter to Editor by Sadie Bailey

  1. Kate says:

    Bravo, Sadie


  2. Ray McGregor says:

    You obviously do not know what gerrymandering means..there is not way possible to “gerrymander ” a primary. Changing boundary lines has zero effect on the outcome of votes. The votes are still cast somewhere.

    Your best line was how Bernie reacted with “dignity and class”. I suggest you do the same or as long time Bernie supported Sarah Silverman said at the convention to the Bernie or Bust people “YOU are being ridiculous”.

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