Endorsements & Appointments by San Juan County Democrats. Also Link to Voters Guide.

July 16, 2016 by David Dehlendorf

The San Juan County Democrats are pleased to announce that at our meeting on July 9, we voted unanimously to endorse the following candidates in the August 2 primary election:

1) Patty Murray for U.S. Senator.

2) Kevin Ranker for State Senator for the 40th Legislative District.

3) Kris Lytton for State Representative, Position #1, for the 40th Legislative District.

4) Jeff Morris for State Representative, Position #2, for the 40th Legislative District.

Due to time limitations, we temporarily suspended the meeting without finalizing our consideration of endorsements for Governor and Representative for the 2nd Congressional District. For that reason, the meeting will resume on Saturday, July 23 on the inter-island ferry to consider other endorsements and to complete the remaining agenda from July 9. Democrats and independents are welcome to attend by boarding the inter-island ferry leaving that morning at 8:30 am from Friday Harbor, 9:15 am from Orcas, 9:30 am from Shaw, and 9:50 am from Lopez. The actual meeting will start at 10:00 am once members have boarded from Lopez, and end at 11:15 am when members disembark in Friday Harbor.

(Note: The 2016 Primary Voters Guide will not be mailed to state voters. Instead it is only available at the following link of the Washington Secretary of State:


Endorsements of other various Washington State Democratic organizations can be found at:


Voters are also encouraged to consult the Progressive Voters Guide at:


The latter guide is an annual project of Fuse Washington and reports the combined endorsements of Washington’s leading progressive organizations.)

Also at the July 9 meeting, we voted unanimously to confirm the chair’s appointments to the following positions:

1) Art Van Gelder as Secretary.

2) Diane Martindale as State Committee Person.

3) The following Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs):

Nathan Ross – Friday Harbor North
Celina Wright – Friday Harbor South
Ed Strum – San Juan South East
Tom Munsey – San Juan South West
Susan Grout – San Juan Central
Laura Jo Severson – San Juan West
Natasha Frey – San Juan North
Diane Martindale – San Juan East
Pat Miller – Turn Point
Bob O’Connell – Waldron
David Turnoy – Orcas West
Learner Limbach – Orcas Central
Geri Turnoy – Eastsound
Penny Buttke – Orcas East
Art Van Gelder – Blakely
Mac Langford – Lopez North
Bob Hall – Lopez South
David Dehlendorf – Decatur
Jon Shannon – Shaw

This is the first time the San Juan County Democrats have had a full complement of 19 PCOs.

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