Essential message from our President

May 19, 2016 by ebanderson123



Many of us are already grieving the end of this exceptional presidency; so seldom do we elect a great person.  Rising above the unprecedented partisan spite that has thwarted  so many effective programs that would benefit our economy and well-being, President Obama’s vision of our responsibility to our democratic system remains clear.  This editorial from the New York Times highlights his message on the attitude and actions all of us need to take to sustain fair and effective government in the United States.

Obama’s Gorgeous Goodbye

by Frank Bruni, May 11, 2016, The New York Times

In this twilight of his presidency, Barack Obama is unlikely to deliver much in the way of meaningful legislation.

But he’s giving us a pointed, powerful civics lesson.

Consider his speech to new graduates of Howard University last weekend. While it brimmed with the usual kudos for hard work, it also bristled with caveats about the mistakes that he sees some young people making.

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