Is 80-90% Wishful Thinking?

May 7, 2016 by David Dehlendorf


Not if you agree with the following message and vote for Hillary or Bernie!

Much has been written recently about the Washington State presidential primary elections on May 24, the mail-in ballots for which most San Juan County voters received in the mail last week. Although there is only one ballot, in effect there are actually two primaries, one for Democrats and one for Republicans. Voters can only vote in one of the two and must declare that they are a member of the party whose primary they vote in.

The result of votes for the Democratic candidates does not have any official purpose, as all of our state’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention on July 25-28 in Philadelphia will instead be selected via the caucus process and other means. On the other hand, at least until recently, the results of the Republican primary will be used to officially select most of that party’s delegates to the Republican National Convention. But with the recent decisions of Ted Cruz and John Kasich to drop out of the Republican race, it appears now that its primary will have no official purpose as well.

So what should San Juan County Democrats and independents do? Why vote in a presidential primary that has no official purpose?

As chair of the San Juan County Democrats, I strongly suggest you vote for either Hillary or Bernie on May 24 for two important reasons.

First, although the Unpledged Party Leaders & Elected Officials Delegates (aka “superdelegates”) and the Pledged Party Leaders & Elected Officials Delegates (PLEOs) are not required to use the results in any official specified manner to determine their vote at the national convention, a strong vote for either candidate could have an “unofficial” impact on their vote in the first or second round of voting. It is certainly worth the time and a return stamp to deliver this message.

Moreover, the primary is an opportunity to make a strong statement to the public and press of our county, state, and elsewhere that we are a proudly dark blue county and that we repudiate the words, actions, and policies of Donald Trump. What would deliver a stronger message than if Democrats voted in high numbers that represented 80-90% of the primary votes in our county? Historically, that number has been 65-70%, but I believe we can do even better May 24 and in the general election in November.

So don’t throw out your primary ballot. Instead, please sign and return it as soon as possible, definitely by May 24.

Please forward this message to your Democratic and independent friends and neighbors.

Your comments would be welcome.

Thanks for listening.

David Dehlendorf
San Juan County Democrats

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