Yes, You Should Vote on May 24

April 15, 2016 by David Dehlendorf

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There is justified confusion among Washington State voters over the meaning of our state’s May 24 Democratic Presidential Primary. But there are several reasons why you should vote.

To All Liberal and Progressive Voters:
Why You Should Vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary on May 24

By David Turnoy, Orcas Island, April 14, 2016

Many of you already voted your presidential preference at the San Juan County Democratic Presidential Primary Caucuses on March 26. The Washington State Democratic Party does not assign presidential delegates to the Democratic National Convention using the results of the state-mandated Democratic presidential primary on May 24, but instead uses these precinct caucus results. So why should you mail in your vote in the primary on May 24?

Actually, there are several good reasons for you to vote in the primary. First, the news media will be reporting the results of the Washington State Republican primary that same day, as the Republicans do use the primary results to assign delegates to their national convention. Even though we know our votes in the Democratic primary probably won’t change anything, the rest of the country does not know this, and if there is a really light turnout, the rest of the country will wonder what is wrong with Bernie and Hillary supporters in Washington.

Although turnout was impressive at the precinct caucuses, and those there were thrilled with the enthusiasm, the great majority of county Democratic voters did not participate for various reasons. The primary on May 24, which will be exclusively via mail, will enable these so far silent voices to be heard.

Finally, a strong turnout in the primary can help convince super delegates whom they should be voting for if they are to represent the will of the people. Your primary vote can be a second opportunity for you to express your presidential preference and for the super delegates to hear your voice again.

So please don’t pass up this opportunity to have an influence. We are in the process of great change in this country, and your vote in the May 24 primary could have a significant impact.

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