Make Democracy Work March 26

March 19, 2016 by islandersvoice1

Reminder March 26 San Juan County Democratic Presidential Primary Precinct Caucuses


Whether you are a supporter of Bernie, Hillary, or any other Democratic candidate for president, make sure your voice is heard by attending and voting at one of the following caucuses starting at 10:00 am on Saturday, March 26: High schools on San Juan, Orcas, and Lopez, the schools on Decatur and Waldron, and the Community Building on Shaw. (If you know someone who might be interested in organizing a caucus on Blakely, please email

The official start of the meetings is 10:00 am, with the 19 individual precinct caucuses at which voting will occur starting at 10:30 am. Be sure to arrive promptly at 10:00 am to allow time to register. If you prefer to pre-register, you can do so at If you do, be sure to print out your pre-registration form, sign it, and bring it to your caucus.

The deadline has passed for filing surrogate affidavit forms for those unable to attend.

If you are 17 years old today but will be 18 by the general election date of November 8, you can still attend and vote.

At our county’s 19 precinct caucuses, Democrats of San Juan County will elect a total of 105 delegates to the San Juan County Convention in Friday Harbor on May 1. The number of delegates elected for each candidate at each of the precinct caucuses will be determined in proportion to the number of votes received by each candidate at each precinct caucus. At the County Convention, a substantially reduced number of delegates will be elected to attend the 2nd Congressional District Caucus where 7 delegates will be elected to the Democratic national convention out of a total of 67 congressional district-level delegates from our state.

If reading this article on our Facebook page, please Like and Share. If on our website, please forward the link. In general, please inform your friends, family, and neighbors about these important caucuses.

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