Wehrly to Challenge Jarman for County Council Seat


February 19, 2016 by islandersvoice1

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The 2016 presidential election race is not the only one of importance to residents of San Juan County. In addition to several other national and state contests, two county council seats (San Juan Island and Orcas Island) will be on the November ballot. Other than the two incumbents, Steve Wehrly is the only individual to have announced his candidacy for San Juan County Council, Position One, San Juan Island Residency District. The formal candidate filing period is the week ending May 20. You can learn more about Wehrly below.

The San Juan County Democrats have not endorsed Wehrly or any other candidate for public office in this year’s races. We will only consider doing so if and when candidates formally request our endorsement and, in most cases, after the end of the candidate filing period.

Update: On February 19, Sheryl Albritton announced her candidacy for the same position as Wehrly.

Wehrly for County Council: Campaign Plan and Election Platform

By Steve Wehrly, San Juan Island

To the Voters of San Juan County, Washington:

Thanks for the opportunity to ask for your vote to elect me to the San Juan County Council, Position One, San Juan Island Residency District.

My resume is found below. A separate Position Paper on issues affecting San Juan County will be made vailable soon. I have numerous writing samples, both as a newspaper reporter and a lobbyist, that I would be happy to send to you. You can also google “Steve Wehrly, Reporter,” or just “Steve Wehrly” for other articles about me. I welcome your questions or comments.

My campaign plan is to meet every registered voter in San Juan County, at least by phone or e-mail if not at your home or on the streets, beaches, ferries and hiking trails of our fabulous county. I will not seek nor will I accept campaign contributions.

Politics has been my profession since college. My entire career has been “getting the work done” in local, state and national legislatures, courts and bureaucracies.

My work for you will “follow the money”: I will pass four county budgets that will be smart and sustainable. Not everybody will like everything that will be in, or taken out, of the budget – but everything in the budget will benefit voters in San Juan County. I look forward to working with you and others on those budgets.

Part of “following the money” is “getting the money.” First, from you as a taxpayer. Like it or not, you contribute a substantial portion of the money needed to make this county a great place to live. Spending your money wisely will be my first priority.

Second, I will seek money from the federal and state government budgets. There are dozens of government programs that can directly benefit this county, and that we can realistically ask for. I have worked with more than thirty state budgets and numerous state and local budgets as a lobbyist.

Third, I will make sure that local sources of money are used wisely, including tax money generated by junior taxing districts such as the Hospital/EMS Commission and the Port of Friday Harbor. Almost every county department and taxing district is operating at a high level of efficiency and effectiveness; I want to make sure that continues.

I have many specific proposals, such as bicycle lanes on main roads, that are included in my “Issues” position paper. These specific proposals include ways to pay for them.

I will gladly respond to your questions and suggestions. You can submit them in writing to me at


or I will meet with you to discuss them in person.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ask for your vote. Let’s talk soon.

Steve Wehrly 360-370-5478 (home), 360-298-1292 (cell)

Stephen E. Wehrly Employment

2014-2015 Insurance agent, Tammy Cotton Farmers Agency, Friday Harbor, WA.

2014 Transfer station manager, Lautenbach Recyling, Friday Harbor, WA

2012-2014 Reporter, Journal of the San Juans, Friday Harbor, WA, 2012 – 2014.

2011-2012 Editorial Assistant, Seattle Business Magazine, Seattle.

2009-2011 Volunteer Campaign Coordinator, Rick Larsen (D) for Congress Committee, 2nd CD WA. Campaign Manager, Tom Campbell (R) for Congress. Contract writing, Center for Regulatory Effectiveness. Various volunteer activities, Friday Harbor.

2008 Legislative Counsel, Pacific Environment, Washington, DC.

1987-2008 Private law practice. Lobbying, legislation and politics.

1985-1987 Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell Law Firm, Tacoma.

1980-1985 Lobbyist, SAFECO Corp., Seattle.

1979 Laborer, Hoffman Construction, Portland & Seattle.

1974-1978 Black, Helterline Law Firm, Portland, Oregon.

1971-1974 Zbigniew Brzezinski and Agribusiness Council, New York.

1969-1971 Dept. of State, Agency for International Development & Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Washington, D.C.


Columbia University School of Law, New York. JD, 1974.

National Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan. Chinese language fellowship. 1968.

University of Washington, Seattle. BA (college honors), 1968.

Seattle University, “Great Books” Seminar Honors Program.

Jesuit High School, Portland, Oregon

3 thoughts on “Wehrly to Challenge Jarman for County Council Seat

  1. J nollman says:

    Please tell us you your ideas about the marijuana and greenhouse purges that so consumed the position one incumbent


    • Steve Wehrly says:

      The marijuana issue was decided by a large majority of island voters. I voted for the initiative and I support implementation of the law. Cultivation of marijuana should be permitted by licensed growers; processing of marijuana should be permitted by licensed processors; sale of marijuana should be permitted by licensed retailers. For the second time in U.S. history, prohibition has been proved to be a disastrous, wrong-headed, counter-productive policy.


    • Sheryl Albritton says:

      I would like to answer the balance of your question Mr. Nollman. In a county where Agriculture is such a vital part of our community it is disgraceful so much time and money was wasted trying to impose outlandish greenhouse regulations as an attempt to impose personal views about marijuana. They are separate issues and as Steve mentioned Initiative 502 was approved by we the people, the majority!


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