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February 16, 2016 by islandersvoice1


Another original take on current events by San Juan Island resident (at least in the summer) and iconoclast, Mike Buettell. You can meet Mike during the County Fair this summer competing with his award-winning zucchini racers.

The Trump/Clinton Conspiracy

By Mike Buettell, San Juan Island

Fact: Donald Trump used to be social fiends with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Fact: Both Clintons were invited to Trump’s third wedding in 2005.

Fact: Donald and Bill used to golf together.

Fact: Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are best of friends.

Fact: Donald Trump used to share similar views to Hillary including pro-choice.

Fact: Trump thought Hillary did a good job for New York after 911. He donated money to her campaigns 2002-2008 and supported her foundation.

So, here is where I’m going with this: Is it really a huge stretch to imagine Bill and “The Donald” walking a golf course a couple years ago and Donald says to Bill, “I have an idea on how we can get your wife elected president.” Bill just stares at him. Donald continues, “I’m pretty bored these days, so what say I run for President as a Republican? I know I can get the angry blue collar folks, and certainly give the RNC and that baby faced brother of “W” fits. I never liked the Koch brothers or the Tea Party for that matter. I’ll get the nomination but obviously lose the general.”

Bill is smart enough to say nothing but he smiles and nods.

The deal is sealed over drinks at the clubhouse and fortunately (or unfortunately) nothing ends up on paper or on tape.

Far fetched? Maybe not.

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