Why Haven’t These Terrorists Been Arrested?

January 26, 2016 by islandersvoice1


The Answer to the Question on Everyone’s Mind: Why Haven’t These Terrorists Been Arrested?

By Charles Topher, http://www.ifyouonlynews.com, January 20, 2016

Ammon Bundy decided to show up at a community meeting in Burns, Oregon Tuesday night, most likely hoping to hear all kinds of support from local residents. Instead, he heard the call from the people he is supposedly championing to get the hell out of their country and never come back.

He heard a message from residents, local law enforcement and even a judge that was nothing short of crystal clear. They’re tired of he and his band of idiots playing soldier on their behalf, wreaking havoc on their communities, scaring their children and hijacking the cause of two jailed local ranchers who don’t want and never asked for their support.

In other words, they are not welcome in Harney county. They are such outsiders to the residents there that they were refused the opportunity to speak. They are criminals and right-wing terrorists who should definitely be in jail.

When the story came across my news feed this morning, I couldn’t help but notice that the number one question being asked was, “they had the ringleaders, off the refuge and unarmed. Why were they not arrested?” It’s a great question, with two different yet equally important answers.

First — and most obvious — had police or federal agents taken the head of the snake, there’s no telling how the rest of the idiots left at the refuge would react. These meatheads are the brains of the operation, and they’re too stupid to realize nobody wants them there. You have to image just how dense those who would follow such imbeciles must be. There are children at the “occupation,” and the FBI obviously has no interest in turning it into the next Waco or Ruby Ridge.

That’s the simple, reasonable answer.

Since very little about this incident is simple, however — besides the minds of the occupiers — allow me to offer an alternate reason why the feds have declined to step in: Right-wing terrorism in this country has been on the rise. With people like Dylan Roof and Richard Dear dominating the headlines, Americans have become increasingly afraid of being caught in the crossfire. While the Republicans sell an irrational fear of ISIS on American soil in an attempt to win elections, the reality of terrorism in our country has shifted to those who vote for them.

What if — and bear with me here — what if the feds WANT us to watch these idiots fumble around the woods accomplishing nothing but making complete fools of themselves? Unless you live under a rock, you have definitely heard before Tuesday night’s meeting in Burns that the Bundy Moron Militia is less than welcome in that community. The fact that they still refuse to leave is contrary to their “mission,” which is supposedly to help the residents of Harney county.

They are displaying a behavior we as liberals have chuckled at for years as we watch them “organize” rallies that nobody attends, like the infamous “Operation American Spring.” That was supposed to be the Obama administration’s come to Jesus, as a million angry “patriots” were to show up in Washington to demand his removal from power. The actual turnout was somewhere in the area of a couple hundred senior citizens on Hoverounds and an idiot with a Confederate flag in front of the White House.

Allowing the so-called “revolution” to move forward in a remote forest in Oregon could be the most effective tactic the government has ever come up with to battle right-wing terrorism. America isn’t afraid of militias anymore, thanks to Ammon Bundy. America is laughing at the Islamophobes and the III%ers, thanks to asshats like Jon Ritzheimer. The people who follow these meatheads on social media with aspirations to join them are watching from afar as the “movement” slowly crushes itself.

They asked for support in the form of snacks and got a bunch of joke gifts, dildos and even a bag of candy penises. Poor Jon Ritzheimer was so butthurt he shoved it all off a table and revealed what “real” Americans had sent in support of their cause: Nothing.

The Bundy Bunch wake up every morning to another day of broken laws, chronicled nicely by, not only the press, but by themselves. Every time they destroy a piece of government property they dig a slightly deeper hole. Every time they declare themselves righteous champions of the people the people tell them to get lost. Their little camping trip is taking what was a growing movement of keyboard warriors who just may have some day grown enough courage to practice what they preach and squashed it.

The feds, in what may be the best move possible, have done nothing. The rebellion is costing the taxpayers, that is for sure and that is a shame. Blaming the feds for it is a mistake. If the heat goes off at the Malheur Refuge it will certainly destroy the facility with frozen pipes that will burst and walls that will sweat when they thaw, causing issues with mold and mildew.

So far doing nothing has been very effective. The Oregon “standoff” will go down in history as a one-sided insurrection of idiots, standing their ground against nobody. How they can look at the cameras with a straight face after Tuesday night’s meeting and declare themselves stewards of the will of the people is beyond reason. It has reached the point of ridiculous. It won’t be long before the press pulls out, leaving one struggling new reporter there to cover the latest war cry from a group of pure numbskulls.

At this point, we expect nothing less. Blow the “battle trumpets,” boys! Maybe Gabriel will descend from heaven to join your “fight!”

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