How to Nominate Hillary, Bernie, or Martin Starting With Caucuses on March 26

January 25, 2016 by islandersvoice1



Put 10:00 am, Saturday, March 26, 2016 on your calendars. At that time the San Juan County Democrats will hold its Presidential Primary Precinct Caucuses on San Juan Island (Friday Harbor High School), Orcas Island (Orcas Island High School in Eastsound), and Lopez Island (Lopez Island High School on School Rd.). Other islands may be added at a later date.

The primary purpose of the local March 26 precinct caucuses is the election of up to approximately 105 delegates to go on to the San Juan County Convention on May 1. At the March 26 meetings, each of the county’s 19 precincts will elect up to between 1 and 10 delegates, for a total of up to approximately 105, with the number of delegates from each precinct dependent upon the number of votes cast for Barack Obama in that precinct in the 2011 presidential elections. Only registered voters willing to publicly declare they are Democrats are eligible to vote and to be elected as delegates to the following County Convention. No delegates are elected at the March 26 caucuses directly to the State or National Conventions.

At the San Juan County Convention at 1:00 pm on May 1 in Friday Harbor (location to be announced), the up to 105 delegates from the March 26 precinct caucuses will elect a yet-to-be determined number of delegates to go on to the 2nd Congressional District Caucus on May 21 (time and location to be announced). There will also be election at the convention of a yet-to-be determined number of delegates to the Democratic State Convention on June 18-19. No delegates are elected directly to the National Convention.

At the 2nd Congressional District Caucus on May 21, 7 Congressional District-Level Delegates will be elected directly to the Democratic National Convention out of a total Washington State delegation of 119 spread out over the state’s ten congressional districts.

Those San Juan County registered voters wanting to qualify for election as Congressional District-Level DelegatesĀ to the National Convention must attend and be elected at all three of the above described meetings.

Other dates to remember are:

May 6 (Friday) – Deadline to file Statement of Candidacy to run at the 2nd Congressional District Caucus as a candidate for delegate to the National Convention.

May 24 (Tuesday) – Washington State presidential primary. Voters cannot cross party lines. Each voter must sign a Declaration of Party to accompany his/her completed ballot. This primary is required under state law. However, the Washington State Democratic Party will not use the results of this primary to elect delegates to the National Convention nor for any other official purpose.

June 18-19 (Saturday & Sunday) – Democratic State Convention in Tacoma.

July 25-28 (Monday thru Thursday) – Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

There is also a possible route for a San Juan County registered voter to be elected at the State Convention as an At-Large Delegate to the National Convention, but this possibility is so remote that it is not described here.

Additional details about the Washington State presidential nomination process, including yet-to-be announced numbers of delegates to be elected at various tiers, will be posted on Islanders’ Voice in the next few weeks, including the other possible route to delegate selection referred to above.


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