Growler Message from Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve

January 3, 2016 by islandersvoice1


The problems caused by the Navy’s Growler jets go way beyond their impact on the residents of Lopez Island. Can you imagine living near the Navy’s “outlying field” at Ebey’s Preserve hear Coupville?

Calling All Citizens, Calling All Citizens by Ken Pickard, President, Citizens for Ebey’s Preserve (COER), December 30, 2015

COER has decided to ring in the New Year by reminding our Island County Commissioners that we are still sick of and sickened by Growler Jet Training at OLF Coupeville and demand that the Commissioners take action to permanently close OLF Coupeville to military jet training. Soon we will be reminding The Town of Coupeville too.

At the beginning of each of the County Commissioners’ regular meetings any Citizen has three minutes to talk to the Commissioners about what is on his or her mind.

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday January 12, 2016 at 10 o’clock a.m. to be at the Commissioner’s Meeting Room downstairs in the County Building on North Main Street in Coupeville that houses the jail, planning department, etc. and sign in to express yourself to your representatives. Tell them how the jet noise is impacting your life, that ANY benefits the Navy brings to Coupeville are far outweighed by the harm being inflicted on us, physically, mentally and financially in loss of home values, demand the Commissioners to have their County Health Board and Director of Public Health review COER’s expert medical statements and affidavits from harmed citizens, conduct their own health impact investigation and issue a report on the health impacts of the noise we are being exposed to, ask the Commissioners to pass a resolution calling for permanent closure of the OLF to military jet training, ask them to demand no more damaging flights at the OLF until the Navy’s Final Court Approved Environmental Impact Statement is completed, or anything else you care to tell/ask them.

Also, make signs, posters, and let’s display them at the meeting. We are tired of being ignored by our Commissioners whose first oath of office is to protect public health.

We need a VERY LARGE turnout to make an impression on our so called Representatives. Please, come, bring others, and speak out, for this is your right and your duty.

Ken Pickard
President COER

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