Letter to Editor – Oppose TPP/Support Bernie


December 3, 2015 by islandersvoice1

From Bob Gerfy, Lopez Island

The Trans-Pacific Partnership  (TPP) — despite all the nonsense about jobs, China, etc. — is primarily a corporate power grab. It’s main purpose is to give corporations legal dominance over both individuals and governments. One nifty clause gives corporations the right to sue governments if those governments enact laws that might endanger the corporations future profits. And these cases will be heard not in governmental courts, but in special corporate-run courts.

Many people believe that, in conjunction with the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision, the TPP is a big step in the growing corporate dictatorship.

That is a strong word — dictatorship — but it fits the power that corporations are taking into themselves.

I most strongly oppose the TPP.

Bob Gerfy
Lopez Island

P.S. I cannot stand behind Obama because of the TPP, the continued wars in the Middle East and the continued support of apartheid Israel. His Affordable Care Act disallowed a public (or single-) payer option, which makes it a money funnel into the coffers of HMO’s and health insurance companies. Though better than nothing at first, it will continue to support rising health care and prescription costs. Obama, like Bill and Hillary Clinton, is a “Corporate Democrat,” a creature spawned by the death of unions due to so-called free trade and the shipping of U.S. jobs overseas.

It is time to support Bernie Sanders as a sign toward the future.

One thought on “Letter to Editor – Oppose TPP/Support Bernie

  1. davidgeri says:

    Listen to the first five minutes at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuOlUjIxBOc and you will see how correct Bob Gerfy is. We can call it corporate dictatorship, another word for which is fascism!
    David Turnoy

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