Invitation to Black Friday Protest at Walmart

November 20, 2015 by islandersvoice1

If you will be on the mainland on Friday, November 26, or if you are motivated enough by the injustice to make a special trip, please join the protest from 10 to 11 am at the SE corner of the parking lot at the Walmart store at 2301 Freeway Dr. in Mount Vernon. Please bring a handheld sign that reads something like “$15/hr. & Full Time”. It will be an entirely peaceful demonstration away from the store entrance, with no effort to confront store management or customers.

As will be the case next Friday at numerous other Walmart stores around the country, the local protest is intended to bring pressure on the company’s management in Arkansas to improve pay, benefits, and working conditions for its domestic store personnel. Under Walmart’s current pay levels, its U.S. store workers earn such low wages that most qualify for various forms of public assistance. The effect is that U.S. taxpayers are subsidizing Walmart’s domestic operations to the tune of $6 billion per year.

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