Truthout Says Navy Breaking the Law with Military Exercises


November 3, 2015 by islandersvoice1


Has the U.S. Navy broken the law to push its military exercises over our national forests, including those here in the Pacific Northwest?  The answer is YES according to a longtime U.S. Fish and Wildlife employee who is an expert on Navy bureaucratic procedures.  Please go to the following link to read the story by Dahr Jamail:

One thought on “Truthout Says Navy Breaking the Law with Military Exercises

  1. Michael Monson says:

    Unfortunately, the navy has a problem just telling the truth. The way the navy has approached this entire plan leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They have separated the components of their plan so as to obscure the entirely of the plan. Why not just tell the truth? What are they afraid of? It must be that if anyone looks at the entire plan, the navy knows that the good folks on the peninsula will struggle to stop it! This is a group that is supposed to be protecting us? HOGWASH


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